Emergency placement in a seniors' residence

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Home care in winter for seniors

Home Care in Winter : 5 benefits for seniors

Home Care in Winter : 5 benefits for seniors Living in the comfort of the home for as long as possible is a desire that many seniors share at retirement. While there are certainly many advantages of living at home, it can also involve some challenges, especially in the winter months. Thankfully, some solutions exist,…

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Home Care for Seniors : 7 Benefits to Consider

7 Great Benefits of Home Care for Seniors There comes a time when simple day-to-day tasks tend to become more difficult. Mild loss of autonomy, health problems, memory disorders, with such changes daily activities can unfortunately become more challenging. Thankfully, with the help of home care for seniors, it is still possible to continue to…

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aide soignante à domicile

Caregivers : their important part in home care

Caregivers : their important part in home care Everybody may agree on a point : time flies so fast ! At some point, important decisions must therefore be made. Among them, there will be a time when you or a loved elderly relative will have to make a major choice : continue to live at…

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Service du maintien à domicile pour personnes âgées au Québec

Home support services for seniors in Quebec

Discover the interview given by Louis Sirois, CEO of Visavie, for L’Adresse, the webzine of RQRA (Regroupement Québécois des Résidences pour Aînés). Louis Sirois discusses the home support service for seniors in Quebec. But also how to better understand what this service represents for seniors, its advantages and its evolution in Quebec. Transcript: Home support…

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résidences pour personnes âgées autonomes

Independent Living Residences: What you need to know

Even when fully independent, it is possible for a senior to enjoy the benefits of a supervised, stimulating and safe living environment. It is for all these reasons that independent living residences exist. Are you retired and want to simplify your life? It is possible to benefit from a housing solution that offers you comfort…

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Cost of a retirement home : what to know

Is the long-awaited moment of retirement approaching and you are thinking of moving to a private residence that will offer you all the services? Or a loved one in your entourage is in need of care and is looking for a place adapted to their needs? In all cases, one question often comes up at…

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