Emergency placement for seniors in a retirement home

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Home Care Services by Visavie is a professionnal and caring service designed to provide personalized support. Our constant concern is to make the daily lives of seniors more enjoyable and to facilitate their ability to remain at home.

Together, let’s plan a smooth transition.

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4 Steps to Obtain the Best Home Care Services

Offered at home, in a retirement home or in complementary with public services

Our optimal approach in 4 steps allows us to analyze your needs and respond to them promptly.

The initial Call

This first step aims to initiate an informal discussion to better understand your situation and assess how we can provide our support.

Overall Assessment of the Situation

We gather information about your loved one to understand their needs and health condition, including their living environment, mobility, nutrition, and hygiene.

Tailored Home Care Visitation Plan

Together, we create a personalized visitation plan for home care, including the necessary care, required companionship, and a schedule tailored to your loved one’s needs.


Selection of the Caregiver

We carefully choose a caregiver to accompany your loved one based on their needs and personality. We ensure a natural fit during the initial meeting.

What are the benefits of receiving private Home Care Services?


What are the benefits of receiving private Home Care Services?

  • Flexible and customizable care plans;
  • No obligation on your part;
  • Eligibility for the Tax Credit for Home-Support Services;
  • Individual attention and increased monitoring;
  • Peace of mind for you and your loved one.

Our Main Home Care Services :

Companionship and Accompaniment Services

Combat loneliness by providing warm and caring companionship. Our caregivers will provide essential emotional support, creating valuable bonds with your loved one.

Assistance with Daily Tasks and Activities

Simplify your loved one’s life by providing comprehensive assistance with daily tasks. Dedicated professionals will support them in their activities, ensuring comfort and well-being.

Care Services for Age-Related Illnesses

Place your trust in our experts for the specialized care your loved one needs. We will ensure optimal comfort and an improved quality of life.

Postoperative and Rehabilitation Care Services

After surgery or hospitalization, ensure the best possible recovery for your loved one. Our postoperative and rehabilitation care will help them regain their independence.

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