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Home care services in Montreal: Step by Step

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Home care services in Montreal: Step by Step

Many seniors want to live happily and healthily in their own homes for a long time to come. As time passes and certain needs arise, it is possible for a senior who is slowly losing his or her autonomy to still benefit from home care services. Whether it is for an elderly parent or for yourself, we can help you in your search for home care services in Montreal. At Visavie, we are committed to providing you with the advice you need to find home care services for seniors that meet your needs and expectations. There are many services available for home care in the greater Montreal area. Step by step, we guide seniors with a loss of autonomy towards the necessary home care and services that will allow them to remain in the comfort of their own home as long as possible, and in complete safety!

1. Determine your needs for home care services in Montreal

The first step in choosing the best home care services available in Montreal is to determine your specific needs. You can of course go ahead and ask yourself these questions. You can even discuss them with your loved ones. However, Visavie also offers to help you in this process. To find home care in Montreal that truly meets your needs, our advisors at Visavie will be happy to guide you through each of these steps. This evaluation is free of charge and will serve to identify your real needs, as well as your expectations. Our approach is based on kindness and trust.

2. Evaluate the type of home care needed for your situation

Once the needs have been identified, the next step is to choose the type of home care services that will be required. Home care services in Montreal can be found in many different areas of daily life. Visavie offers a variety of home care services to help you stay at home while maintaining maximum independence. All these services are offered on a full-time basis if necessary. It is also possible to ask to benefit from them only a few hours a week for specific moments such as for your appointments in downtown Montreal for example. Each situation is unique and services are adapted accordingly!

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3. Establish a plan according to your needs and present you with the cost involved

Depending on the home care services needed and the frequency of care, a plan of intervention will be established. We want this plan to be well adapted to your needs and tastes. The cost of each service is variable and adjusted to each particular situation. Rates can be hourly or weekly. Rest assured, every detail will be presented and explained to you. You will always have your say throughout the process.

4. Determine the financial assistance available for home support

In order to help seniors living at home, financial assistance is available. So, if you live in Montreal and would like to take advantage of home support services, find out about the different possibilities. The home support tax credit is available to seniors aged 70 and over who wish to remain in the comfort of their own home while receiving various types of home care.

Once all these steps have been completed, all that remains is for you to make the most of home care services in your daily life! The goal of home care is to allow you to live at home longer for an optimal quality of life. It is possible to maintain a good deal of autonomy and independence while enjoying the help that is offered in the comfort of your home!

For more information on the various home care and assistance services available in Montreal, please feel free to contact our team at Visavie. We will take the time to listen to you and present you with all the home care services available in the Montreal area.

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