Emergency placement in a seniors' residence

Home care : Mobility and Transportation

For an elderly person with a loss of independence or reduced mobility, a mobility and transportation assistance service is available.

Mobility Assistance

At Visavie, our qualified team assists seniors in their daily lives with this in-home service.

Here are some examples of assistance available:

  • Transportation and transfer services;
  • Helping you find a driver to get to your appointments;
  • Providing you with an attendant for your outings;
  • Mobility assistance both inside and outside the home;
  • And much more depending on your needs and requests.
aide à domicile pour aînés: aide à la mobilité et aux transports
aide à domicile pour personnes âgées et aide à la mobilité et aux transports

Safe support during outings and walks

When a senior can no longer fully enjoy his or her independence, there is a risk of isolation. This is why it is essential to maintain a certain amount of social life. With our attentive caregivers, different services are available for seniors

  • Accompaniment for outdoor walks ;
  • Assistance for cultural and leisure outings
  • Accompaniment for visits to relatives or friends;
  • And more, such as assistance with shopping or errands.

Being able to pursue social, cultural and leisure activities allows any senior to maintain a good balance. This is as good for physical health as it is for morale!


Support and assistance for medical appointments

We know how important a medical appointment is! Whether it’s a visit to the doctor or another health professional, such as a physiotherapist or podiatrist, our team of caregivers will be there. Our accompaniment service for medical appointments provides valuable assistance. If necessary, we can even help plan these various visits.

We want your elderly loved one to be able to go to his or her hospital appointment in a pleasant and safe environment. This also avoids unnecessary stress.

Visavie also offers the following senior home care services :

Service d'accompagnement des personnes âgées