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Des soins à domicile adaptés pour les personnes âgées
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Enjoy home care services adapted for seniors.

Healthy aging, while maintaining maximum independence for as long as possible, is what we all want for our own future and that of our aging parents. And there are some solutions in this direction! Through our health system in Quebec, home care services adapted for seniors play a decisive role. Whether it is for you, or for a senior in your entourage, enjoying of home care adapted for seniors allows you to receive the help you need, while remaining at home. It is good to know that different types of home help services are offered according to the specific needs of each senior. Whether it is for hygiene, health care, meal services and much more, the help offered by our professional caregivers is personalized and adapted. The ultimate goal of this essential service is thus to allow seniors to receive quality care in the comfort of home. While enjoying of the benefits of remaining in its environment. At Visavie, we offer these services while ensuring their quality, but also the utmost respect for privacy!

Home care services adapted for seniors: what does it involve?

Home help for the elderly covers a wide range of services and care. This ranges from assistance with meals, transfer services (transport), including postoperative or rehabilitation care, for example. Hygiene care such as bathing, grooming and other personal care is also available. Supportive care is also part of these services. This support may be necessary during a medical appointment or even during daily outings such as going to the grocery store for example. Home surveillance for the night is even possible. The caregiver will, in all cases, ensure the safety of your elderly relatives while allowing them to remain independent. This help is reassuring and gives everyone peace of mind. Home help for seniors is therefore a set of solutions adapted to the needs and specific requests of each individual. This home care is provided by professional caregivers who have the well-being of your elderly relatives and respect for their dignity at heart.

Home help services: who are they for?

In Quebec, several government programs make home help accessible to a large number of people!

Home Help Services Program

Thanks to the Financial Exemption Program for Domestic Help Services, anyone aged 18 and over, registered with the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ), could benefit from it if they meet certain criteria. The amount of this financial assistance can be fixed or variable. Anyone aged 65 and over can apply for this financial support, which provides compensation to reduce the hourly rate of a caregiver in order to be able to afford a variety of home services:
  • Preparation of meals;
  • Housekeeping (laundry, cleaning, sweeping, dusting, cleaning, etc.);
  • Accompaniment during outings for shopping;
  • And the care of clothes for example.

A tax credit for home support for the elderly

A tax credit is also offered in Quebec to allow as many seniors as possible to benefit from home care. The tax credit for home-support services for seniors provides a reimbursement of 35% of eligible expenses for home help services. We know that seniors have worked hard to build up their pension funds. So it makes sense that they can afford to prioritize their health and independence while respecting their income and expenses. These assistance programs allow more seniors to benefit from quality home care without too much impact on the budget! Visavie offers you a full range of support and home assistance services for your loved ones. We know you want them to be happy. We therefore put all our efforts to offer care adapted to the elderly and their unique needs.

Evaluate the needs for home care services adapted for seniors

In order to provide quality home care, it is essential to properly assess the specific needs of each person. Whether it’s for you or an elderly loved one, it’s important to understand each other’s individual demands and expectations.

The criteria to be taken into account for a good evaluation

Depending on their state of health, for example, older people who use home help services will not necessarily have the same needs. It is therefore essential that caregivers can pay attention to the smallest details in order to properly assess the overall situation. Here is a list of criteria that must be taken into account for a good assessment of the needs of each senior:
  • The environment and its surroundings;
  • The person’s health condition;
  • His distinctive personality;
  • Its degree of autonomy;
  • The reasonable budget available for such services;
  • The special requests of the elderly and their relatives (children or caregivers, for example) as well as the expectations related to this home care;
  • And much more depending on each individual’s unique situation!

Personalized home services offered by humane and competent professional caregivers

At Visavie, we take these different criteria into account in order to offer personalized home care to our valued customers. Our qualified professional caregivers will make sure to understand your needs and adapt to each situation. Our team is made up of people who have your well-being at heart. Each person is selected for their skills but also for their human qualities. Whether it is directly for the elderly person receiving care or for the surrounding family, we believe that everyone needs comfort and attentive listening. Our professional caregivers as well as the nursing staff aim to create a climate of trust with the greatest respect for all and the dignity of the elderly.

The different types of home help services available

There is a wide variety of home help services available. In order to answer the frequent questions on this subject, here are the main types of home care services offered.

Help with personal care

Personal care occupies a central place in the overall health of each and everyone! This hygiene care can still represent a daily challenge for some people who are either with reduced mobility or affected by health problems. This is when the personal care support services come in. Our caregivers will do what is necessary to offer all the support to seniors to enable them to perform these daily tasks in dignity and in complete safety:
  • Toilet aid;
  • Take a bath ;
  • Personal hygiene care;
  • Help with clothing;
  • Incontinence care;
  • Etc.

Our meal support services for healthy eating

Eating well is the key to staying in shape! And, this is true at any age! At Visavie, our meal assistance and feeding assistance services aim to achieve this goal. While taking into account allergies, diets and other dietary restrictions, we can help you eat well with nutritious, balanced and above all delicious meals! Our services of course include the preparation of meals for independent seniors at home. But they can also extend to accompanying on trips to the grocery store or even organizing the refrigerator if necessary. All this in order to aim for a healthy diet! The presence of the Visavie guide also prevents feelings of isolation and loneliness during meals. We believe that meal times are important moments in a day and should remain a pleasant experience for your elderly loved ones.

Support services and transport assistance

Support services allow independent seniors who live at home to benefit from assistance while traveling. This assistance is adapted according to the needs of each one. A caregiver can therefore accompany the elderly person during a medical appointment, for example, or simply during small daily outings. With these transportation assistance and support services, it is therefore possible for your elderly mother or father to enjoy some independence while still doing their own shopping. It is done safely. Thus, everyone is reassured.

Health care, rehabilitation and postoperative care

Even being fully independent, it is possible that an elderly person suddenly needs home care following surgery, for example, or because of health problems. Visavie advisors can then help you find solutions.
Health care, postoperative care and rehabilitation are some of the services available to seniors. Our professional caregivers are involved, through their presence and dedication, to ensure the psychological and physical well-being of your elderly loved ones. It is therefore possible to use our services for a carefree convalescence at home!

Specialized home care: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias

Note that even with more specific needs, such as when a doctor is diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or other dementias, appropriate care for the elderly can be provided at home. It is therefore possible to respect the wish of an elderly relative wishing to stay at home. While making sure of course that he can receive the care appropriate to his condition and that he will be there in complete safety. Staying in this familiar environment could also have certain advantages.

Home help adapted for elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease

Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or learning that a parent has it can be hard to come to terms with. And this reaction is quite normal. Alzheimer’s disease is sometimes unrecognized and comes with its share of worries and questions. It is even natural to wonder how to deal with an elderly parent with Alzheimer’s. Faced with this unclear situation, it is reassuring to know that the elderly person who is dear to us could have the option of receiving all the necessary care directly at home!
At Visavie, our professional caregivers have the expertise and training to provide specialized care that meets the needs of seniors with Alzheimer’s disease. They also have the requisite human qualities such as a keen listening ability, great patience and an excellent sense of adaptation!
The needs will of course not be the same in the early stages of the disease as in the later stages. Our team of helpers is flexible and will adapt to the person’s real needs over time. You can count on our presence in the most difficult times to give you some respite. Because we understand that the reality of a caregiver is sometimes demanding. But we also know that you always want the best for your loved one. And we’re here to help!

Specialized home care for the needs of seniors with Parkinson’s

The first symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can be difficult for the person with the disease. Inevitably, with the tremors and slowness of movement, a small part of that person’s independence is lost. Certain concerns appear at the same time. One can also come to wonder if it will be possible to stay at home. Fortunately, adapted home care for the elderly with Parkinson’s is available!
They allow you to receive help with care but also with everyday tasks such as cleaning, preparing meals, dressing, washing clothes, and more!
Surrounded by a good team of caregivers and professional caregivers, older adults with Parkinson’s disease can therefore stay at home and thus retain a good deal of their independence. In this sense, Visavie offers you support for specialized tailor-made care for home support for your elderly parents. There is much to be reassured by this support as a caregiver or immediate family member.
In short, regardless of the situation, it is important to learn about the various home help services available to seniors who want to stay in their environment as long as possible. Our professional caregivers are dedicated and involved in the well-being of the seniors they care for. The home care offered is tailored to the needs of each person.
Our mission at Visavie is also to guide and advise you through these steps. All of this with the intention that our loved ones can get the help they need, while remaining in the comfort of home for many years to come!

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