Home Support for seniors

Home support to ensure a carefree stay-at-home experience and peace of mind

You call him almost every day, you make sure he is eating well, and you accompany him regularly to the doctor’s office. You would like to do more for your elderly parent who now lives alone at home, but you are already overwhelmed by work and your family.

Our wide range of home-support services for seniors allows your loved ones to continue to enjoy their comfort, continue their social activities and, above all, maintain the reference points they have created throughout their lives.

Catch your breath and confidently give yourself the respite you need in order to enjoy the time you spend with your loved one. We take care of your loved one as if he or she were our own.

Home Companionship Service

A warm presence that brings a smile to your loved one’s face

Is your mother lonely since the loss of her spouse? Does your father’s physical condition prevent him from participating in his favourite activities? You feel that your loved one’s loneliness is starting to affect his or her morale. You try to be present and comforting as much as possible, but you also need respite at times.

Our professional caregivers work as a team with you. We support your loved one’s autonomy and his or her wishes to stay at home by accompanying them in their daily activities. Our professionals do more than just help. They provide a reassuring presence and a genuine human connection with your parent.

Our home-support and companionship services include:

Private senior's residence or retirement home

Home Care

Stay at home longer

Your mother needs help with various tasks at home, but she is not ready to go into a retirement home. Do you want to be there and give her all the help she needs, but you don’t always have the time or energy to do so?

Providing ongoing support to a senior can become both physically and psychologically challenging. Our dedicated professional caregivers help with the various aspects of daily life and help your elderly loved one continue to enjoy the comfort of their home while maintaining their sense of independence.

Our home-care services include:

Our 4-Step Method

We match the right professional caregiver with each senior in order to ensure a smooth transition and to create a trust-based relationship.

Understanding is the best way to help. Our 4-step method helps us analyze your needs and respond quickly to those needs:


The first phone call is to talk about yours and your elderly loved one’s situation in order to understand your needs. We will end the call by making an appointment to visit your loved one’s home where one of our counsellors will come and meet you.


This first visit also enables us to assess the environment in terms of the person’s needs and safety.


Developing a home care visit plan will then allow us to determine together what care is needed as well as what support and schedule suits your loved one’s needs.


Afterwards, we will choose a professional caregiver who will be able to accompany your loved one according to his or her needs and personality. Starting at the initial meeting, we do everything we can to ensure smoothest transition possible for your loved one.

If your loved one’s home no longer guarantees his or her safety, Visavie can also help your loved one find a retirement home that suits his or her needs.

Let’s talk about tailored private home care

Our senior living advisors listen attentively and give you all the support you need to find home care. Our team is available on a 24/7 basis to ensure that you immediately receive the assistance your loved one needs.

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