Home Care Services

Home care services adapted to each senior’s needs and autonomy

Your father was the head of the family, the man of the hour, the hero. Today, things aren’t as easy for him anymore. So much so that you wonder if it’s safe for him to stay at home alone. You do your best to help him/her, but sometimes you feel uncomfortable and ill-equipped to provide the care he/she needs.

We want every senior to continue to thrive in the health and happiness of their own home. And while every senior is unique, so are our personalized home care services. Our professional caregivers work alongside you to provide exceptional personal care that is tailored to each senior’s reality.

Services d'aide à domicile
Personal Care Services

Personal Care Services

Because of her health problems, your mother needs help bathing, getting dressed, doing her hair, etc. You do your best to help her, but she doesn’t want to be a “bother” to you or other family members.

We become your caregivers and make sure that you can plan the next phase smoothly. With appropriate personal care, more and more elderly, recovering and chronically ill people are able to stay in their homes. We work with you to provide all the help you need on an ongoing, daily basis.

Specialized Care: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Other Forms of Dementia

After the shock of the diagnosis, you are faced with a difficult decision: how can you provide the best care for your loved one while respecting his or her wishes to stay at home?

People with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or other forms of dementia feel better when they are in a familiar environment where they can maintain their routine. Our unique 4-step, person-centred method helps your elderly loved one thrive at home and maintains the reference points created throughout his or her life.

Home care for Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s or other dementias.

Our Person-Centred, Private Home Care Services Method:

  • Enables your loved one to stay safely at home
  • Respects seniors’ autonomy and encourages them to pursue their activities according to their abilities
  • Promotes interaction and proposes stimulating intellectual activities
  • Helps manage behavioural changes and supports the family
  • Recognizes and values your loved one’s life journey

Our 4-Step Method

We match the right professional caregiver with each senior in order to ensure a smooth transition and to create a trust-based relationship. Our professional care is offered by qualified personnel with a warm, friendly and caring presence.

Understanding is the best way to help. Our 4-step method helps us analyze your needs and respond quickly to those needs:


The first phone call is to talk about yours and your elderly loved one’s situation in order to understand your needs. We will end the call by making an appointment to visit your loved one’s home where one of our counsellors will come and meet you.


This first visit also enables us to assess the environment in terms of the person’s needs and safety.


Developing a home care visit plan will then allow us to determine together what care is needed as well as what support and schedule suits your loved one’s needs.


Afterwards, we will choose a professional caregiver who will be able to accompany your loved one according to his or her needs and personality. Starting at the initial meeting, we do everything we can to ensure smoothest transition possible for your loved one.

In the event your loved one’s home is no longer guarantees his or her safety, Visavie is also able to assist you in finding a retirement home that suits his or her needs.

Let’s talk about tailored private home care

Our senior living advisors listen attentively and give you all the support you need to find home care. Our team is available on a 24/7 basis to ensure that you immediately receive the assistance your loved one needs.

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