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Adapted home care for seniors in Greater Montreal 

For us at Visavie, care at home represents much more than just a service. Through appropriate and personalized home care, our mission is to make a real difference in the daily lives and well-being of seniors. Through caring and attentive accompaniment, we seek to provide seniors and their families with home care services adapted to their individual needs. All of this in the Greater Montreal area.

Find out how Visavie can have a positive impact on your life and the lives of your elderly loved ones.

Home care services : our approach

At Visavie, we truly care about seniors. Our actions are dedicated to their : 

  • happiness ;
  • well-being ;
  • and dignity. 

Our approach to home care is oriented to facilitate the daily lives of seniors and their relatives. Our philosophy is to ensure they can enjoy a safe and happy life in the comfort of their home. We know that many seniors prefer to stay in their homes for a long time. We want to make sure that they can still enjoy maximum independence. That’s why our mission is to help them in this process.

Through good support and adapted home care services, Visavie intends to help all seniors to find this precious balance. 

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Complete home care services in Montreal and surrounding areas

Looking for home care for a senior relative in the Greater Montreal area? Through comprehensive home care services and a team of dedicated caregivers, Visavie can offer quality care directly at home. Those services are provided to seniors all around the island of Montreal as well as in the suburbs of the city.

Unique home care for every senior

No matter our age, we all have unique needs. And there are no exceptions when we retire. Home care services available are numerous and diversified to meet the specific demands of each elderly person.

Here are some of the most frequently requested home care services for seniors.

  • Personal care assistance ;
  • Assistance with meals ;
  • Accompaniment services ;
  • Assistance for transportation ;
  • Home health care ;
  • Rehabilitation assistance ;
  • Post-operative care ;
  • Specialized care (Parkinson, Alzheimer, etc.);
  • and much more, depending on the specific needs of each senior.

Each situation is unique. A home care plan is therefore established in a totally personalized manner for each senior. It is possible to choose only the home care services that are adapted to the individual needs. They are, of course, different depending on whether the senior is autonomous or semi-autonomous.

Your elderly loved one lives in the Greater Montreal area and may benefit from some care in the comfort of their home ? At Visavie, it would be our pleasure to help and accompany them. We invite you to contact us for a free consultation to determine your exact needs. 

The valuable role of caregivers

For us, at Visavie, there is no doubt that the secret to good home care is the valuable contribution of dedicated caregivers. Those persons truly make a difference in a senior’s quality of life. 

Only by their presence, caregivers contribute to :

  • the security of the elderly person who live at home ;
  • his happiness and well-being ;
  • reduce loneliness and social isolation ;
  • provide some health care ;
  • assist and accompany seniors through their daily lives ;
  • etc.

The benefits are then both physical and moral. They also are all intended to improve the quality of life of seniors. 

At Visavie, our caregivers are dedicated and committed to the happiness of each senior. For them, caring for the patient is a real priority.

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A true accompaniment for the family and quality home care for the elderly

By using Visavie’s services for home care across the Greater Montreal area, you will benefit from the support of our helpful team. Our accompaniment is focused on the seniors but also  their family and relatives. In addition, we place a strong emphasis on the quality of home care provided.

We know that you want nothing less than the best for your elderly loved ones. Through proper home care, seniors can continue to enjoy life while remaining in the comfort of their own homes. Thanks to the support of our caregivers, each senior will receive the assistance they need to perform their daily activities and tasks. All of this with dignity and by enjoying a reassuring and comforting presence by their side. 

At Visavie, our home care services are customized to the needs of each elderly person. Our strong desire is that all seniors have the right to a happy and secure life. 

Are you interested in learning more about adapted home care for seniors ? Read our other article on this topic.

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