Visavie is a Spectrum Health Care company

Home Help for Seniors

Home Help by Visavie is a professional personal assistance service with a family spirit.

We have a constant concern to make the daily lives of seniors more enjoyable and to facilitate their ability to stay at home.

Together, we can plan a smoother transition!

Personalized Home Help Tailored to the Needs and Independence of Each Senior


Personalized Home Help Tailored to the Needs and Independence of Each Senior

At Visavie, we understand the complexities and challenges that can arise in delicate situations where your mother requires attentive care due to health issues such as bathing, dressing, and hairstyling. You try to help, but she refuses to let you or other family members ‘bother’ for her. Although you are doing your best to offer support, you sometimes feel helpless, not always knowing how to adequately respond to her care needs.

Our Home Help Services for seniors are designed to provide thoughtful and individualized support, with the respect and understanding needed to preserve your loved one’s dignity while ensuring their daily well-being and safety.

*Please note that our Home Help Services are only available in the Greater Montreal Area and its surrounding regions.


4 Steps to Obtain the Best Home Help Services

Offered at home, in a private retirement home or in complementary with public services

Our Optimal Approach in 4 Steps Allows Us to Analyze Your Needs and Respond to hem Promptly.

The initial Call

This first step aims to initiate an informal discussion to better understand your situation and assess how we can provide our support.

Overall Assessment of the Situation

We gather information about your loved one to understand their needs and health condition, including their living environment, mobility, nutrition, and hygiene.

Tailored Home Help Visitation Plan

Together, we create a personalized visitation plan for home help, including the necessary care, required companionship, and a schedule tailored to your loved one’s needs.

Selection of the Caregiver

We carefully choose a caregiver to accompany your loved one based on their needs and personality. We ensure a natural fit during the initial meeting.

Why Choose Home Help Services by Visavie?

Outstanding Customer Service and Available 24/7


Flexible Schedules With No Commitment

No Cancellation or Termination Fees

Simple and Secure Billing and Payments

Fast Setup of Services

Constant Communication With the Family to Ensure Optimal Services Are Provided

Respite for Family Caregivers

Background Checks/References Verification for All Our Caregivers

Customized Home Care Services, Taking Into Account the Specific Requirements and Level of Autonomy of Each Senior