Emergency placement in a seniors' residence

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Demystifying Parkinson’s disease: early signs and progression

Affecting approximately 1% of the population aged over 65, and almost 10% of seniors above 80 years old, Parkinson’s disease can fairly be described as a significant medical condition, deserving our full attention. To help you better understand this disorder, here are a few aspects to help demystify Parkinson’s disease, from its early signs to…

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Digital Literacy for Seniors: Exploring the Benefits and Challenges

In a world where technology is omnipresent daily, digital literacy for seniors is a key factor to be considered. With the aim to ensure social inclusion, digital education for seniors appears as an effective solution allowing the elderly population to stay involved in society, to maintain an active life, and to avoid the harmful effects…

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Thumb Tremors in Seniors : causes and solutions

While it may be worrying at first sight, thumb tremor in seniors is actually not always a sign of a problem or pathology. In fact, there are many different types of tremors, all linked to different causes. Stressful situations, for example, can trigger an involuntary movement of the thumb for some people. In which cases,…

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Home Care for Seniors : 7 Benefits to Consider

7 Great Benefits of Home Care for Seniors There comes a time when simple day-to-day tasks tend to become more difficult. Mild loss of autonomy, health problems, memory disorders, with such changes daily activities can unfortunately become more challenging. Thankfully, with the help of home care for seniors, it is still possible to continue to…

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Service du maintien à domicile pour personnes âgées au Québec

Home support services for seniors in Quebec

Discover the interview given by Louis Sirois, CEO of Visavie, for L’Adresse, the webzine of RQRA (Regroupement Québécois des Résidences pour Aînés). Louis Sirois discusses the home support service for seniors in Quebec. But also how to better understand what this service represents for seniors, its advantages and its evolution in Quebec. Transcript: Home support…

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