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Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease

Guide sur la maladie d'Alzheimer
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Alzheimer’s disease is (unfortunately) an increasingly common disease that affects many older people. Understanding it better is giving yourself the power to deal with it better. We have therefore put together a multitude of very practical tips in one 25-page book. The goal? Help you, the caregiver, in your daily life to cope with this terrible disease which could affect an elderly loved one. You can get our guide to Alzheimer’s disease below.

Guide to Alzheimer's disease
Guide to Alzheimer’s disease

Save some precious time by making the right choice

Sooner or later we will all have to deal with aging and this life course brings its share of concerns. A common “memory lapse” can make anyone anxious and cause them to question their health. So how do you make the difference between aging and a neuro-cognitive disorder like Alzheimer’s disease?

This is the main purpose of this guide – to help you better understand Alzheimer’s disease. Once you learn more about the subject, you will better understand the needs of your elderly relative and you will also have a better general understanding of the main risk factors for this disease.

The content of our guide to Alzheimer’s disease

In addition to our many recommendations, we will see several important chapters in our book:

  • The difference between aging and Alzheimer’s
  • The most common symptoms
  • The different types of dementia

Through this book, we will also see how to live better with the disease through the different stages as well as several solutions that can provide relief.

Visavie always by your side

For 33 years, Visavie has stood by and supported those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and we would once again like to show our support to all people with dementia and their care partners.

If you have any doubts about this, seeing a doctor for you or your elderly loved one is the best solution. Even if Alzheimer’s disease is incurable, it will confirm the diagnosis and can give you the best possible treatment to slow the disease down. You can also count on the expertise of professionals like the Visavie team. Whether it is the search for residences best suited to your needs or personalized home care, you can always count on the kindness and efficiency of our advisors to find you the best solution.

For our guide to Alzheimer’s disease, click here.

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