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Good reasons to choose Sherbrooke for retirement


Good reasons to choose Sherbrooke for retirement

Looking to find the best city to retire in the province of Quebec ? The good news is that there are several great options available to you. In your research, you may have considered the city of Sherbrooke ? The surrounding region, the Eastern Townships, is full of interesting activities and offers a wide variety of services well adapted to the senior population. In short, there are plenty of good reasons to choose Sherbrooke for your retirement.

Sherbrooke : an Age-friendly City

Did you know that Sherbrooke is one of the pioneer cities to have joined the Age-Friendly Cities project ? This World Health Organization (WHO) initiative was created in 2005 in order to respond to the reality of the general aging of the population.

The mission of this project

Through the Age-Friendly Cities project, the World Health Organization intends to encourage the active participation of seniors in their communities. 

Main specific objectives of « Age-friendly cities »

  • Improve the living condition of older adults ;
  • Encourage the active participation of seniors ;
  • Involve the community in a way that integrates the older population ;
  • Reduce age discrimination ;
  • Respond to the specific needs of seniors ;
  • Respect their lifestyle ; 
  • And even more in that perspective.

Age-friendly businesses near Sherbrooke

Throughout the city of Sherbrooke, you will encounter several “Age-Friendly” businesses. These stores, businesses or organizations are committed to take concrete actions to respect the mission of the project in regards to seniors. In the Sherbrooke area, more than 300 businesses have joined the initiative. Here is the list of age-friendly businesses, if you would like to encourage them.

Learn more about Sherbrooke

Located in the administrative region of the Eastern Townships (Estrie), the city of Sherbrooke is the capital. The city is the 6th largest in Quebec in terms of population. Sherbrooke is also the economic, political and cultural heart of the region. It is affectionately known as the “Queen of the Eastern Townships”

It is not surprising that many retirees choose to live in Sherbrooke when the time comes to retire.

What to do in Sherbrooke and Eastern Townships ?

By choosing to live in Sherbrooke, you get the opportunity to live at the rhythm of the surrounding nature. Every year, the Eastern Townships represent an idyllic destination for vacations in Quebec. To choose Sherbrooke for your retirement is to decide to feel like you’re on vacation at all times!

No matter the season, you will always find something to do in Sherbrooke and its surroundings. 

The Eastern Townships : a perfect environment for an active retirement

For retirees who want to stay active, activities are everywhere in the region. From kayaking on the Magog River to hiking in the mountains of Parc national du Mont-Orford (30 minutes drive from the city), you will be enchanted by the diversity of sports activities available nearby. The city of Sherbrooke also has many parks to stretch your legs or simply to relax.

Sherbrooke : a cultural and historical center to discover

Do you love spending a day at the museum ? You always want to learn more about history ? Sherbrooke will certainly not disappoint you ! All around the year, a vast program of cultural activities and events is available for the residents of the region. Sherbrooke En Musique is a perfect example. Hundreds of shows are presented throughout the city, all free of charge.

You can also choose from the following places for an unscheduled visit :

  • Musée des Beaux-Arts de Sherbrooke ;
  • Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke ;
  • Musée d’histoire de Sherbrooke ;
  • Musée de l’ingéniosité J. Armand Bombardier (in the city of Valcourt) ;
  • Musée Beaulne (in Coaticook) ;
  • Musée international d’art naïf (in the beautiful town of Magog) ;
  • L’ASTROLab (located in the outstanding landscape of Parc national du Mont-Mégantic).

Health Care in Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke and the Eastern Townships region also have quality health care. With the aging of the population, services have been adjusted to meet the needs of seniors.

According to the 2021 federal census, people aged 65 and over represent slightly more than 25% of the population. As a senior-friendly city, the municipality of Sherbrooke makes sure to offer adapted services to the elderly population. 

Private residences for seniors, CHSLDs, intermediate resources (IR), adapted housing for independent seniors, there are many choices when it comes to housing. All you have to do is choose the living environment that suits you best in the region.

How to get around in the Sherbrooke area ?

Options of transportation in Sherbrooke are numerous. Whether it’s to get to an appointment, go out for dinner or simply visit the city, it’s quite easy to get from one place to another.

By foot, by bicycle (thanks to a vast network of bicycle paths covering more than 150 km), by car, or by bus, all you have to do is choose your preferred means of transportation. The Société de transport de Sherbrooke (STS) also offers its users an adapted transport service.

Why to choose Sherbrooke for retirement ?

To choose Sherbrooke for your retirement is to make the decision to live in an environment where activities and services are focused on the needs of its citizens. As an “Age-friendly City”, Sherbrooke’s senior population can enjoy a living environment in which it is possible to remain active and involved in the community. 

Close to the gorgeous nature of the Eastern Townships and close to many cultural and historical attractions, the city of Sherbrooke will please everyone. 

In a friendly living environment, enjoying retirement in Sherbrooke will be a real pleasure !

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