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Good reasons to choose Quebec City for your retirement

Choisir Québec pour sa retraite

If you are looking for the perfect retirement place, Quebec City is the destination for you.

Quebec City is one of the most enjoyable cities to live in. Welcoming, beautiful, vibrant, family-oriented and filled with culture, Quebec City has many of the attributes of a thriving city. A dynamic and prosperous capital, Quebec City is a charming place that offers tranquility and energy, numerous municipal services and what is considered one of the best qualities of life in North America.

All of Quebec City’s boroughs have recreational and sports facilities, parks and green spaces, and access to a network of bicycle paths. In addition, the city’s excellent health care and a variety of quality seniors’ residences make it an ideal place to spend your retirement.

Learn more about Quebec City

Quebec City is the national capital of Quebec. It is part of the administrative region of the same name. It is home to the National Assembly (Parliament) and many other government institutions.

Quebec City is home to 549,459 residents, with over 21.29% of the local population over the age of 65. Founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain, it is one of the oldest cities in North America. Old Quebec was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985. Known as the “Old Capital”, Quebec City is known for its visible history, its many museums and cultural institutions.

The fortifications surrounding historic Old Quebec remain, making the Quebec capital the only fortified city in the United States north of Mexico. The area includes the Château Frontenac, one of the city’s icons and considered the most photographed hotel in the world.

What to do in Quebec City?

Quebec is a very popular city for tourists, but especially for its inhabitants. It has several museums, theaters and theaters, and offers a varied program of quality. Festivals and major events, some of which are internationally renowned, follow one another with the rhythm of the seasons.

Whether it is the Carnival, the Grands Feux Loto-Québec, the Festibière or the most famous summer festivals, there is something for everyone. The charm of the illuminated streets of the Petit Champlain district, the Château Frontenac or the many cafés scattered throughout the city evoke the Christmases of yesteryear.

While Quebec City is putting on its white coats, its residents are putting on their skates, which they can use at one of the many free outdoor skating rinks in Quebec City, or go for an eclipse at one of the many nearby ski resorts.

Health care in Quebec City

If you’re looking for high-quality healthcare in Quebec City, look no further than the many top-notch hospitals and medical facilities that are available. Seniors have access to fully equipped residences with excellent nursing care and top quality services!

How to visit Quebec City?

Walking around, discovering the city or simply getting out of your seniors’ residence and taking a breath of fresh air, there are many things to do or see in Quebec City. For example, take the ferry and cross the river to Levis (south shore) to discover this remarkable site on top of the famous Cap Diamant. Take a walk in the Old Port and visit the covered market where all sorts of Quebec specialties are offered, including maple-based ones.

Discover the Château Frontenac, the icon of Quebec City, where you can sleep, eat with a magnificent view of the St. Lawrence, have a coffee, or even take a guided tour. It is also possible to walk in the alleys around Petit Champlain, along its paved streets colonized by restaurants, craft stores and souvenir boutiques. At the center of it all, Place Royale is home to the oldest church in Canada: Notre-Dame-des-Victoires.

Perhaps you’ll go shopping in one of the many Quebec arts and crafts stores in the old city, or in the beautiful shopping malls on Laurier Boulevard (near the Pierre Laporte Bridge).

How to get around Quebec City?

On foot, by bicycle or by public transit, it is quick and easy to get from point A to point B in Quebec City. Its residents enjoy a reliable public transit system, a safe and well-developed bicycle network and a vast highway system. Quebec City has a well-developed road network compared to other cities of its size.

A small detail that is very important: we know how important it is for a senior citizen to stay in good shape, both physically and mentally. And Quebec City is a city made for walking. So when possible, walking is a good alternative to other means of transportation. On the way, it will be possible to discover viewpoints, panoramas, delights for the eye and discoveries to share.

For those who would like to leave their car in their garage, the city has made public transportation available to its citizens. The Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) provides a fast, efficient and economical public bus service. The Métrobus is accessible to people with physical limitations (wheelchairs, pregnant women, strollers, people using crutches, canes or walkers, etc.).

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