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Good reasons to choose Laval for retirement

Choisir Laval pour sa retraite avec Visavie

Good reasons to choose Laval for retirement

In your search for the best place in Quebec to retire, Laval deserves to be an option to consider. This city benefits from a strategic location and has a lot to offer. Described as a welcoming and inclusive city, Laval reserves an important place for its senior population. From the wide diversity of activities, to the quality of services offered and the easy access to health care, there are plenty of good reasons to choose Laval for your retirement!

Learn more about Laval

Did you know that Laval is not only a city but also an administrative region ? Geographically, Laval is located just north of Montreal. It is even described as its largest suburb. The city covers the area of Île Jésus as well as several small islands just around. This makes the area a strategic location between Montreal and the Laurentians.

With its 438 366 citizens (according to the 2021 federal census), Laval is considered as the 3rd largest city in Quebec in terms of population. The City of Laval promotes its welcoming and open-minded atmosphere and emphasizes the principle of social and cultural inclusion for all its citizens. Many retirees select Laval as their place of choice for retirement. The 65 and over age group actually represents over 18% of the population. 

A good example of Laval’s commitment to seniors is its Support for Seniors Aged 65 and Over program. This financial assistance is a concrete demonstration of the city’s vision of inclusion.

What to do in Laval ?

By choosing Laval for your retirement, you are opting for a city that provides a good balance of activities and amenities for all its citizens.

Take advantage of Laval’s cultural attractions at retirement

The Laval region has a wide choice of touristic and cultural attractions to satisfy all interests. With many museums, art galleries and the famous Cosmodome, there are a lot of activities to choose from. It is also possible to enjoy a diversified program in theaters, concert halls and cinemas.

Here are some examples of places in Laval that you might be interested to visit to fully enjoy your retirement :

  • The Cosmodome : a place where everyone, younger or older, can satisfy their desire for knowledge by discovering the amazing universe of space science and astronautics.
  • Maison des arts de Laval : this establishment is a reference for culture, as it is both an exhibition hall and a performance hall for concerts and events.
  • Musée de la santé Armand-Frappier : this museum offers exciting and instructive discoveries about the world of science and human health.
  • Orchestre symphonique de Laval : music lovers will be pleased since Laval has its own orchestra and offers many concerts throughout the year.
  • Shows, movie theaters, or even the Rivière-des-Prairies Generation Station (hydroelectric power station), are just a few more examples of nearby activities.

Enjoy an active retirement in the Laval region

Do you plan to be more active during retirement ? The sports and outdoor activities available in the region of Laval will also give you plenty of choice. Hiking parks, green spaces and bicycle paths all coexist to the satisfaction of outdoor lovers.

  • The Parc de la Rivière-des-Milles-Îles is a perfect example. Many activities are suggested to fully enjoy the wildlife and vegetation of this natural environment. 
  • The Centre de la nature also offers an ideal playground for outdoor enthusiasts ! A variety of activities are available : hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and much more. In winter, hiking, skating or fat biking can be enjoyed.

Health care in Laval

By choosing Laval for retirement, you also benefit from the proximity of many hospitals and quality health care facilities. The services offered are easily accessible and the region’s hospitals offer several specialties.

If you are looking to live in a seniors’ residence in Laval, it is interesting to know that the area counts approximately 60 residences. Through all this diversity, you will certainly find a place that meets your needs.

How to get around in the Laval region ?

You’ll certainly have no trouble finding a transportation option that is convenient for you in Laval. The vast network of bicycle paths makes getting around the city by foot or by bicycle both safe and enjoyable. 

If you wish to take public transportation, the Société de Transport de Laval offers a network of buses (and even paratransit services) for efficient travel. A reduced fare (or even free) is offered to Laval residents aged 65 and over. Commuter trains and three metro stations also serve the territory.

For car traveling, Laval benefits from a strategic location that makes it easy to reach Montreal or the Laurentian region by various roads.

Why to choose Laval for retirement ?

  • For its welcoming and inclusive approach to all citizens, including seniors ;
  • For the quality of health care and the great availability of medical facilities ;
  • For the diversity of cultural and sports activities in the region ;
  • For the ease of getting around by foot, bicycle or public transport ;
  • As well as for its convenient geographic location.

All these reasons together explain why many people decide to retire in Laval each year !

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