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Find the best retirement home in Ontario

Trouver une résidence pour aînés en Ontario

Find the best seniors’ residence in Ontario with Visavie

Thinking about finding a place to enjoy your retirement ? Or perhaps an elderly relative is now facing some difficulties making it more difficult for him/her to stay home alone ? In any case, considering the transition to a seniors’ residence is a very important time in life. While it is normal to have a lot of questions, and even some fears associated with it, moving to a retirement home is certainly meant to be a positive thing.  That’s why it is so important to find the best seniors’ residence possible, according to your own needs. To make sure you will feel at home. 

To guide you, and your family through the process, Visavie can help you find the ideal retirement home. Through our experience, expertise and caring team, our objective is to help you choose the best seniors’ residence in Ontario, the one that suits your needs.

Visavie : Let’s learn about our history !

Founded in 1988 by Mr. Claude Paré, Visavie‘s vision was already clear. The mission of its founder ? To create an organization that would assist seniors and their families in finding the best retirement home for them. From the very beginning of its existence, the values of the company were already well established : 

  • Respect ;
  • Integrity ;
  • Cooperation ;
  • Perseverance ;
  • Sense of urgency.

In 2000, Mr. Louis Sirois, an experienced administrator in the seniors’ residence community and also a friend of Mr. Paré, joined the organization. Always keeping in mind the essence of its mission, Visavie has continued to evolve over the years in order to help seniors and their close relatives on a daily basis. 

Since 2014, in addition to its objective of providing a free and caring assistance service for the search of retirement homes throughout Ontario and Quebec, Visavie now offers an additional alternative for the well-being of each elderly person : the option of choosing personalized home care, while staying in the comfort of his own home.

5 good reasons to choose Visavie to help you find a retirement home in Ontario

Looking for the ideal seniors’ residence in Ontario ? Visavie‘s goal is to ensure that each senior enjoys maximum autonomy, dignity and security in an environment adapted to his or her individual needs. This is possible through a simple and effective personalized approach

Let’s then discover 5 good reasons why Visavie continues to stand out.

1. The expertise and knowledge of our senior living advisors

Our senior housing counselors have both the experience and the expertise to assist you in your search for the best solution. They are familiar with the various seniors’ residences, nursing homes and retirement homes across Ontario (and Quebec). This way, they can analyze your situation and guide you towards the appropriate living environment, according to your needs. Their competence and knowledge, in addition to their empathy for seniors and their families, are a great asset in your search for the right seniors’ residence in your area.

2. A devoted and caring team working for you

At Visavie, we have the privilege of being able to count on a professional team that is always ready to assist seniors and their families. Our senior living counselors are always attentive to your specific needs
Looking for assistance to visit a retirement home in Ontario ? Our senior housing advisors will be pleased to accompany you on these on-site visits. They will guide you on the right questions to ask and the proper aspects to look at. This will help you confirm which living environment would be best for you, or for the well-being of the elderly person you care about.

3. A free support service, available at any time

In addition to being accessible at all times, 24/7, this service is totally free !

We understand that questions may arise at any time. That’s why we are always available to assist you. Our greatest wish is to provide you with valuable advice. All this, to help you find your way through this important life transition. 
Having any questions ? Interested in learning more about our services ? Or, perhaps thinking that an elderly family member could benefit from our support ? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will take the time to listen to you and guide you in the right direction. And all of this, with no fees and no obligation.

4. A strong network in the senior living community across Quebec and Ontario

Since the founding of Visavie in 1988, we have built up years of experience and expanded our network across both Ontario and Quebec. With a team of more than a hundred counselors and professional caregivers, we can say that we have a special and privileged place at the side of seniors. Our mission continues to be the same : to help seniors and their families in the search for the right retirement home in Ontario or Quebec. 

5. Personalized assistance for each senior

By choosing Visavie, you also select a customized solution, based on your personal needs. We believe that each situation is unique. Therefore, we adjust our approach to suit your own reality. 

From the moment we first meet you, every member of the Visavie team makes sure to give special attention to all your concerns and wishes. For us, empathy, active listening and respect are keywords. After the analysis of your particular needs, we then make sure to provide you with personalized and concrete advice. In this way, we are able to help you find the best residence for seniors in the Ontario city that you prefer.

During our evaluation, many aspects may influence the final choice of the retirement homes in Ontario that we will present to you : 

  • your tastes and general preferences ;
  • health condition ;
  • the level of assistance and care required on a daily basis, in order to determine the most convenient type of senior living environment in Ontario (Independent living, Assisted living, memory care facility, nursing home, etc.) ;
  • the geographic area where you wish to live, as well as the proximity of the family ;
  • the budget of the person ;
  • and more !

According to these criteria, and through simple and effective methods, Visavie’s counselors will then make suggestions for some retirement homes and seniors’ residences that are adapted to your reality. Next step is to visit each one of these residences, in order to make the right choice. Because we believe that in order to find the right retirement home in Ontario, the one you’ll be most comfortable in, it’s important to take the time to visit each location in person. That will certainly help you to make your final decision. 

Be reassured, our senior housing advisors are available to accompany you during these visits. They will help you to ask the right questions and to notice all the details to be sure that the environment fits your real needs. And all this is, of course, free of charge.

A reliable resource when looking for seniors’ residences

Over the years, Visavie has then become a true reference in its field throughout Ontario and Quebec. Our mission has always been to guide seniors and their families. 

We truly believe that with the right advice, it is possible for everyone to make the right choice. If you want to find a retirement home in Ontario that really suit your needs, don’t hesitate to contact our attentive team at Visavie. They will make sure that you feel at ease and do all they can to assist you in your search for the best seniors’ residence in Ontario

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