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Find a retirement home in Quebec City

Trouver une résidence pour personnes âgées à Québec
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Finding a retirement home in Quebec City, where to start?

When a senior unfortunately can no longer stay at home, it may be time to consider moving to a retirement home. Of course, several solutions are available depending on the level of health and independence. But making the choice may turn out to be more complicated than you expect. In this article, we will learn the best way to find the retirement home in Quebec City that meets your aging parent’s needs.

The good choice

When you ask Josée Boivin, advisor at Visavie, her opinion on Quebec City residences, here is her answer:

“Here, retirement homes have the well-being of residents at heart. From the beginning, we notice that they respect the choices and the emotions of the residents. I often hear from my old clients. And all tell me that their standard of living is up to the promises that the residence has made to them. “

Choosing the best retirement home for you or your loved one is not an easy decision. There may be many options in Quebec City, but how do you choose the right one? This is where Visavie comes in. Our advisors eliminate all the uncertainties and stress associated with choosing accommodation by taking the necessary steps with you. Our opinions are informed, our information useful and our advice thoughtful. We will offer you the best options over 154 residences in Quebec. When you know that there are 109,575 people over 65, you realize how important it is to make the right choices. Of course, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable before you commit.

“We generally visit two residences, maximum three! »tells Josée. “We make our selection based on our client’s needs. The most important thing is to avoid to increase stress and anxiety with unnecessary visits. This is why being accompanied by an advisor is an asset when you want to quickly target the right residence “.

Best of all, our services are free and without obligation, so you know that we are 100% listening to you!

Unlimited support

We are here to support you. We will never rush you to make a decision. Our role is to help you speed up the process if you need senior housing. The most important thing is to help you or your loved one choose an accommodation that will ensure you maximum health and happiness. We know there are many options, which is why the most important step you can take before committing to anything is to stay informed.

“In Quebec City, the retirement homes have also done their absolute best to upgrade, especially in this time of pandemic,” says Josée. “Last year we were all a bit lost, no one really knew what to do. Today is a whole different story! The residences have adapted, they have new health rules and know what to do. Residents feel much more secure! “.

And what is Quebec City like?

Josée Boivin has lived and practiced her profession as a advisor in Quebec City for many years. When we ask her what she thinks of her city, this is what she says: “The people here are welcoming. Whether you are walking in the city or in your neighborhood, everyone says hello to you! It’s a great mentality, we help each other out and we always have a smile. Quebec City is just beautiful! “.

Our advisors in retirement homes in Quebec City

With more than 35 years of experience, Visavie has surrounded itself with the best experts to help you find the best retirement home in Quebec City.

Josée Boivin

Josée Boivin

Josée Boivin, a authorized advisor, operates in Quebec City. Her only wish is to help your parents find their new home. She will be there to facilitate a comfortable and happy transition in times of emergency with her knowledge and expertise.

If you or a loved one needs advice or information to determine the best quality of life options, her mission is to be there – face to face, by your side – as a guide and resource during this process. She is committed every day to helping seniors and their families find the right residences, tailored to their individual needs and wishes. Josée will be with you every step of the way, from the beginning of the application process to move-in day.

You can contact Josée by phone at 418-717-3383 or by email at jboivin@visavie.com.


In conclusion

If you live in the Quebec City area, contact Josée and trust her! Her role is to understand the context in order to deal with complex situations in a methodical manner, to move things forward in search of the most effective solution possible and to find you the perfect retirement home that will meet all your loved one’s needs.