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Find a retirement home in Ontario

Searching for the best retirement home in Ontario ?

The good news is that there are many different housing options for seniors to choose from.
Depending on your needs, or the needs of your elderly loved ones, it is possible to find the retirement home that will be just perfect for your personal situation.

Together, we can plan a smoother transition!

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Find a retirement home in Ontario

Compare senior housing options and their benefits

senior housing options in Ontario

Compare senior housing options and their benefits

Among the many housing options available for seniors, it can be difficult to choose the best one for you, or an elderly person who is important in your life. Just near you, all around Ontario, many retirement homes can represent good solutions. It is therefore important to take a moment to compare them properly in order to make a well-considered choice. 

Our advice: make a complete list of all your needs. This task can be made with the help of your family or relatives. During all those steps, Visavie’s advisors in Ontario are also available to help you. They can offer you relevant information, good tips, and some assistance to guide you among all the different senior housing options in Ontario.

But first, let’s take some time to understand the differences between each of these retirement living options.

Retirement living options in Ontario

Retirement Homes in Ontario

Retirement homes in Ontario are actually living environments in which seniors can live in autonomy, while enjoying some daily amenities or services.

The concept is to ensure that retirees feel at home in a pleasant environment, while enjoying at the same time the benefits of living in a retirement home. Seniors can choose to enjoy daily meals and some enjoyable activities in a safe environment. 

All around the province, you can choose from many different private retirement homes in Ontario.

Independent living for seniors

Independent living is intended for seniors who still enjoy a good level of autonomy. This type of retirement home offers them the opportunity to live in a location where they can remain active while taking advantage of certain convenient services.

Several types of services are commonly available. But, in independent living facilities, each senior can choose to use them on a voluntary basis, according to their wishes and their needs :

  • meals ;
  • social activities and entertainment ;
  • sports ;
  • nearby medical assistance ;
  • and much more.

Assisted living

Assisted living homes are the ideal solution for seniors who can still live independently but also require some form of assistance on a daily basis.

Services such as housekeeping, personal care, transportation and even meal preparation are usually included in the monthly rent. Assisted living communities also offer a varied choice of social, recreational and physical activities for their residents.

What to choose between independent living or assisted living ?

In order to make the right choice between independent living or assisted living, it is important to base your decision on the real needs of your elderly loved one. It is recommended to consider not only current but also future needs of your elderly relative. 

It is also interesting to mention that many communities offer both a section for autonomous seniors (Independent Living) and another for semi-autonomous seniors (Assisted Living). We also strongly recommend taking the time to visit the senior homes that you are looking for, before making your decision. In case of doubt, always feel free to contact a Visavie senior living advisor for advice.

Memory care communities

Memory care residences exist to ensure that seniors living with Alzheimer’s disease (or any other type of dementia) receive the assistance they need. Those communities offer long-term care for seniors in Ontario who are suffering from progressive and degenerative dementia.

Those specialized dementia care communities provide their residents with the appropriate care in addition to ensuring a safer and secure environment.

Nursing homes

Also referred to as long-term care homes, nursing homes are intended for seniors who need constant care and assistance.

In nursing homes, the emphasis is placed on high quality medical care and supervision 24/7. Seniors living in these facilities enjoy a safe and secure environment at all times. This is a reassuring point for the family and loved ones of a senior who can no longer remain alone at home.

Take advantage of the expertise of senior living advisors

Take advantage of the expertise of senior housing counsellors

Take advantage of the expertise of senior living advisors

To help you make this important decision of finding the best retirement home in Ontario, for you or an elderly relative near you, take advantage of the expertise of Visavie’s senior living advisors.

Devoted senior living advisors near you in Ontario

At Visavie, our mission is to help seniors and their families to find a comfortable retirement living environment that will satisfy their individual needs. Our senior living advisors are dedicated to help you through this important life process. You can count on our advisors to assist you in your search for the best seniors’ housing option, whether in Ottawa, Toronto or throughout other cities in Ontario.

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Is finding the perfect retirement home difficult for you ? Confused about where to look ? It is absolutely normal. The good news is that you can count on Visavie for a full and free 24/7 support service

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