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Finding a retirement home

Free help to find the right retirement home that best suits your needs

We understand the importance of feeling at home and we are constantly striving to make seniors’ daily lives more enjoyable. Our residence search services allow seniors to continue to live fully in their new environment.

Together, we can plan a smoother transition!

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Finding the right retirement home for each senior, free of charge

« I’m thinking about moving my mother into a retirement home. »

The search for a retirement home is a crucial step in the life of a senior and their loved ones, and we know how overwhelmed you can feel by the complexity of the process and the multitude of facilities. We are committed to working with you to find the residence that will allow your parents to continue to fully enjoy their lives.

Since 1988, Visavie has helped over 175,000 families make the right choice.


A network of more than 50 senior housing counsellors throughout Quebec and Ontario

An Expert Near You

Mutual trust is at the heart of our approach. Our counsellors share your concerns and are familiar with the seniors’ residences available in your area.

Full and free support, 24/7

Every step of your transition is important. Our counsellors are available on a 24/7 basis to help you make the right decision, at the right time.

A Simple and Proven Method

Since 1988, our 4-step method has helped us understand your needs and guide you, at your own pace, from the first phone call to the day you or your loved one moves into a residence.

Let’s talk about finding the right seniors’ residence for your needs

Our counsellors listen attentively and give you all the support you need to find a retirement home. We will help you make the right choice with our free, 24/7 support services.

Together, we can plan a smoother transition for everyone.

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