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Emergency placement in a retirement home

Le placement d'urgence en résidence pour personne âgée
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Emergency placement in a retirement home

As you get older, there are some things you try to plan ahead to avoid unpleasant surprises. When it comes time to retire, there are indeed questions to be asked. All this in order to be able to fully live this important stage of our life which stands before us. Among these issues is the possibility of one day having to move into a retirement home. So we start to prepare for it and think about our preferences when the time comes. Unexpected events, such as accidents or health problems, can however occur and thus abrupt our plans. An emergency placement in a retirement home should then be considered. This situation is of course delicate both for the person concerned and for the family and relatives. However, there are solutions to make this transition a carefree for the well-being of your elderly parents.

Reasons that may lead to an emergency placement in a retirement home

When it comes to emergency placement in a retirement home, unforeseen situations are usually involved. In all cases, they require you to readjust quickly in order to find a safe and suitable environment for your elderly relatives. Here are the most common reasons for requiring emergency placement:

  • Health problems (physical, cognitive impairment, accident, etc.);
  • The assistance needs of the elderly are growing;
  • The living environment is no longer safe enough;
  • The loss of the senior’s life partner now places them in an environment where they feel too lonely at home (feeling of loneliness);
  • The help offered by the family is no longer sufficient or becomes too burdensome to manage;
  • … and more.

Faced with these situations, emergency placement in seniors’ residences often becomes the best alternative. This is a big step but, by being well supported, this solution will allow your elderly parent to benefit from a safe environment with a better quality of life.

What to think about when your older relatives must be quickly placed in a residence?

In such a context, decisions have to be taken very quickly. The fact remains that it is important to take the time necessary to make the right choices to find a suitable residence so that your elderly parent feels at home.

In this rapid decision-making, certain criteria are particularly important:

  • The specific needs of the person;
  • The services offered;
  • The special care available;
  • The location of the retirement home;
  • Proximity to family members or a caregiver;
  • Short-term availability;
  • The price of the retirement home (depending on the available budget);
  • … And much more, according to the specific situation of each one.

Get in touch with one of our senior living advisors to begin your search today

How to prepare for the eventuality of an emergency residential placement for the elderly?

Although an emergency placement in a senior citizen’s residence involves the unexpected and no one is safe, there is the possibility of trying to be well prepared. We never want emergencies or a sudden health problem to disrupt our plans. Especially when you just want to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. However, it is recommended that you bring up the topic of old age and its implications early on with your elderly parents and have good discussions with them. While they enjoy their independence and autonomy, it will be easier for them to guide you to their preferences in the event of the unexpected. You will then understand their needs and expectations. They can also share their fears with you about living in a residence. By having a good dialogue with the family, you will have the appropriate tools for an informed decision if an emergency move in residence becomes necessary. And your parents will be happy to see that their child cares so much about them for their well-being. They will feel well surrounded and listened to.

Benefit from good advice

When faced with such an important situation for the future of your loved ones, know that you can benefit from the help and support of experienced residence counselors who are used to dealing with such situations. With their judicious advices, they represent a precious resource for you and your loved ones. By benefiting from their experience, you will all be better equipped to find the best living environment for the elderly person around you.

So do not hesitate to contact us today to benefit from the valuable recommendations of our senior living advisors. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They would therefore be your allies in a situation where emergency placement in a retirement home becomes necessary. You can of course also contact them in advance in order to better plan your parents ‘future move to a seniors’ home.

Our common goal is to find a safe environment adapted to the specific needs of your elderly loved ones so that they are well there and feel at home!