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Nutrition for seniors in winter: 5 tips to remember

Nutrition is, for each and everyone of us, the key to many aspects of health and well-being daily. Yet, it can sometimes be difficult to always maintain good eating habits. This fact is especially true for the elderly population, and even more so during the winter months. Here are a few important points that underline…

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Healty Eating For Seniors

Healthy eating for seniors : 7 tips to remember

In order to age well and stay healthy, it is essential to adopt a good alimentation and diet. Choosing healthy eating habits has many advantages for seniors. These benefits can be seen in the overall health and quality of life of older adults. Here are some useful tips about nutrition for seniors that may help…

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Nutrition chez les aînés épisode 2

Nutrition for Seniors : Protein and fiber

Still with Louis Sirois, CEO of Visavie and Josée Thibodeau, co-author of the book “Au menu des 65 ans et plus”, we will see the importance of eating a balanced diet and the role that protein and fibre play in this video dedicated to nutrition for seniors.

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Nutrition episode 1

Nutrition for seniors

Good nutrition for seniors is an important step in aging well. It can help maintain the senior’s health and independence. However, we find that seniors pay less attention to their nutritional needs. Nutrition is often taken lightly, if at all.

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