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Finding a Retirement Home in the Greater Ottawa Area

Our Senior Living Advisors in Greater Ottawa Area

Our Local Advisors Have a Thorough Knowledge Of The Retirement Home Market In Your Area, and They Offer All The Support You Need To Make The Right Choice, Free Of Charge.

Curtis Vasquez-Guindon

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Dan Duthie

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Florent Clairoux conseiller en milieu de vie chez Visavie dans la région de Gatineau, Hull et Ottawa

Florent Clairoux

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Mara Eby conseillère en milieu de vie chez Visavie pour la région d'Ottawa

Mara Eby

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Nicole Kocajda

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SHERRI DALY_Senior Living Advisor Conseillère en hébergement pour personnes âgées aînés Ottawa résidence pour aînés résidences pour personnes âgées RPA

Sherri Daly

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Greater Ottawa Area

  • Over 16.4% of the population is aged over 65;
  • This figure will rise to almost 20% in 2031 with the number of elderly people in the region;
  • There are more than 192 retirement homes in the Ottawa region alone.

With a multitude of options to meet your needs and budget, selecting the right retirement home can be a daunting task.

But fret not, Visavie provides a transition service to help you navigate through the maze of options and find the retirement home that is perfectly tailored to your needs and desires.

Our goal is to guide you in choosing the ideal retirement home that perfectly matches your requirements.

Start your research with us today

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Discover the benefits of living in Ottawa: A prosperous community for seniors

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, offers many attractive benefits for seniors looking to live there.

  • A vibrant community: Ottawa is home to a thriving community of seniors, providing numerous opportunities to socialize and engage in fulfilling activities. You’ll have the chance to meet like-minded individuals, share interests and passions, and build lasting connections within your community.
  • Beautiful and secure environment: With its reputation for safety and low crime rates, Ottawa provides a secure environment for you to fully enjoy your golden years.
  • Cultural and leisure activities for seniors: You will find a variety of activities tailored to seniors, such as visiting renowned museums like the National Gallery of Canada, leisurely walks along the Rideau Canal, relaxation in the gardens of Gatineau Park, and numerous festivals and events throughout the year. These offerings provide countless opportunities for entertainment and community engagement.

Let’s discuss together to find the retirement home in Ottawa that will perfectly meet your needs and wants

Facing the multitude of retirement homes in Ottawa, it may seem challenging to navigate through them. However, there are good solutions for you.

Our advice: Start by creating a detailed list of your needs and desires. Collaborate with your family or loved ones as this step is essential to precisely target what you are looking for. Our senior living advisors in your area are here to support you throughout the entire process and beyond. They will take your list into account, carefully filter through the options, and provide you with a personalized selection of retirement homes that meet your criteria.

Don’t let the search for a retirement home overwhelm you. Get in touch with one of our Senior Living Advisors in your area now to benefit from their expertise and turn your dream into a reality.

Secure your future and start your research with Visavie

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