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Sylvie Martel

Sylvie Martel

Authorized senior living advisor

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Un proverbe qui me décrit

Happiness is like a perfume. We wear it on ourselves to make others breathe it. — Malek Bensafia

What sets Sylvie Martel apart as a senior living advisor at Visavie?

My cheerful nature and my intrinsic desire to help. I have evolved over the past few years in the rental sector of residences. I acquired knowledge about RPPs and living environments adapted to seniors. I discovered a profession that I can relate to and that allows me to grow, that is to say, to accompany seniors in their living environment. My ability to listen and my sensitivity allow me to quickly establish a relationship of trust and to target the needs. I will guide you to find and integrate the perfect place for you or the person you are accompanying.

What makes a great advisor?

She is generous with her person and her knowledge. She is a natural emphatic and intelligent listener who will guide her choices in order to offer the senior the perfect place according to his wishes and needs; socialization, security and health care if necessary. She masters the counselling approach with the senior and his relatives and will be able to enlighten them on the offers of the residences, IR and private CHSLD in her sector.

What Visavie represents to me

A company with a human dimension that has a great deal of expertise in adapted housing for seniors and home care. It offers you, at no cost to you, the services of a professional in housing for seniors. They share my values of integrity, support and professionalism. Above all, it has a noble objective, that of ensuring the well-being of seniors and, by the same token, of their loved ones.

The key to my success

I love my profession! To accompany you in this important step with all my heart and my knowledge. I am grateful for this privilege.

➞ Contact Sylvie Martel by calling her directly at 514-567-2539 to get your complete and free support in your search for residences for seniors in the Montérégie and on the South Shore region.