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Simone Naggiar , senior housing counsellor

Simone Naggiar

Authorized senior living advisor

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A proverb that describes me

“To love others is to encourage them to follow their own paths.”

How I stand out

My career has always involved working with others—from creating connections, forging relationships and establishing trust to making myself available and helping people find solutions that meet their needs.

After working in a seniors residence, I came to the realization that being a housing advisor would allow me to use my experience to make a real difference in people’s lives.

Respect, commitment and acceptance are the key principles that guide my everyday work. As a counsellor, my strengths lie in my ability to listen to people’s needs, be understanding and sensitive, and demonstrate my reasoning skills by recommending the best solutions. By keeping my ears open, I am able to address my clients’ needs.

To me, Visavie is….

… A team of competent professionals who have joined forces to reach a common goal: assisting and supporting seniors.

In my opinion, the ideal advisor …

…  must have the ability and desire to improve the quality of life of seniors. This profession is an art that requires compassion, emotion and strong listening skills.

Three words that the ideal counsellor should always have in mind: learn, understand, suggest.

My ultimate goal is simple: That my clients see, above all else, how passionate I am about my work.

The key to my success

Human beings are at the heart of my concerns. Seniors have experiences that should be heard, appreciated and respected. In everything I do, my goal is to improve the quality of life for my clients by enabling them to make the best choices.

*I am happy and comfortable to serve my customers in French and English