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Senior Living Advisors

Rose Lafortune est conseillère en recherche de résidence pour aîné chez Visavie. Elle intervient dans la région de Lanaudière.

Rose Lafortune

Authorized Senior Living Advisor

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A proverb that describes me

The world is full of possibilities, and as long as there are possibilities, there is hope. We can only lose hope when we refuse to see the possibilities. — Leo Buscaglia

What sets Rose Lafortune apart as a Senior Living Advisor at Visavie?

My experience of more than 13 years in psychosocial intervention with families and people with special needs, as well as my 6 years of experience as a trainer in the context of retirement planning sessions. I have a deep knowledge of this stage of life, and I understand how important it is for the elderly to be well informed and above all well supported during this period of transition. I am a creative person and I have the ability to quickly adapt to the needs and challenges faced by seniors and their families. My primary motivation is to find a lasting solution for each of the situations experienced by the elderly and their families.

To me Visavie is

An incredible opportunity for an elderly person and his family to receive high quality professional support in the decision-making so important that the choice of a retirement home represents.

In my opinion, the ideal Senior Living Advisor

She listens to and respects the needs of seniors and has excellent knowledge of retirement homes;
Demonstrates openness, creativity, initiative and transparency in carrying out her work as a consultant;
Has the skills to support the client and his family further in their reflection on the choice of residence.

The key to my success

Make a fair and accurate assessment of the needs, demands, challenges and concerns of the elderly person and their family before taking action.

Work in collaboration, not only with the elderly person and their family, but also with the players in the health and social services network involved with the elderly.


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