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Senior Living Advisors

Mariette St-Denis conseillère en milieu de vie chez Visavie. Elle intervient dans la région de Gatineau.

Mariette St-Denis

Authorized Senior Living Advisor

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A proverb that describes me

“With time and patience, we can overcome everything. ”

What sets Mariette St-Denis apart as a Senior Living Advisor at Visavie?

My great resourcefulness helps me a lot in my daily life to clearly identify the needs of my clients and see to their best interests. I show my enthusiasm by being motivated to do my job well! I love that the results of my work are completely satisfied customers down the line. Being very attentive to their needs, they are happy to receive my help in their journey to find their new living environment.

To me Visavie is

The ideal solution to facilitate the discovery of the ideal residence for each of our clients. Each residence offers its own flavour, its unique character. It’s about finding the best one that will meet the needs of each of my clients.

In my opinion, the ideal Senior Living Advisor

She listens actively. She adapts and provides her services according to the specific needs of each client. She takes the time to listen well and represent them to the residences. She goes beyond the expectations of her customers!

The key to my success

Compassion and patience are part of my daily work. You have to be familiar with the residential market, the options available and the services offered in order to obtain an ideal pairing. For me, every step of the process is important. I seek to build a partnership with each of my clients. I aim for the most favourable option by making sure to advise them well and keep them informed of my steps. I make sure I answer or seek answers to my clients’ questions. Each of my clients deserves 100% my full attention and dedication.

Mariette Conseillère de l'année 2022 Ottawa

Testimonials for Mariette St-Denis

● “Mariette took the time to ask good questions about us and the residences to better understand our mother’s situation and ensure we found her a suitable new home. The lines of communication were always open and the collaboration was very friendly and comfortable. This allowed my mom and I to focus on other things, and we are looking forward to the upcoming move. It has been a pleasure to have Mariette on our support team.“- Mike T.