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Senior Living Advisors

Marie-Hélène Boisvert

Authorized Senior Living Advisor

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A proverb that describes me

Happiness cannot be acquired. It does not reside in appearances. Each of us builds it at each moment of our life with our heart.

What sets Marie-Hélène Boisvert apart as a Senior Living Advisor at Visavie

As a health care professional for 30 years, human relations have always been at the heart of my actions. Motivated by the values of respect and mutual aid, the well-being of the elderly became for me a real priority. I like to work with seniors with a reassuring and caring approach.

The ideal Senior Living Advisor in my opinion

For me, the ideal Senior Living Advisor is a trustworthy person. Such advisors know how to listen, make themselves available and make sure they understand your situation. A senior housing counselor is also the best resource to help each senior find the perfect living environment, according to his or her needs.

With good advice and personalized support, it becomes easier to make a success of this new chapter in your life in a seniors’ residence.

For me, Visavie is

Visavie is a team of professionals committed to supporting seniors in their transition. This is done by respecting their concerns and ensuring that they can live in a safe and comfortable environment. Visavie’s team is made up of competent, dedicated and compassionate people. Visavie is also offering more than 34 years of expertise, a free service and a network of partners in adapted living environments, ready to fulfill the needs of each senior.

The key to my success

Always looking for the well-being of people, I am dedicated to your happiness ! Honest and respectful, I consider myself as a good-natured person who knows how to be a good listener.

I believe the key is to always make the senior I am working with my top priority.

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