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Marie Gamache

Authorized Senior Living Advisor

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A proverb that describes me

“We recognize a tree by its fruits”

What sets Marie Gamache apart as a senior living advisor at Visavie?

My generosity in my role of guide with seniors and their families. I learn a lot from them. I appreciate the richness of their respective routes. They are inspiring! My ability to create a bond of trust with them by telling them that the decision is theirs.

To me Visavie is

A free essential service! Dedicated to the well-being of seniors in their search for a living environment. I am honoured to be able to continue the mission of the company founded in 1988 by Mr. Claude Paré!

In my opinion, the ideal advisor

… is an empathetic person who takes the time to listen to elderly people with respect and without judgment. An advisor who has knowledge of the residential environment to offer the right options according to the client’s needs. A person who accompanies the elderly through this stage of life which has its share of challenges.

The key to my success

My desire to help … seniors feel it, my judgment, my ability to analyze situations related to the health, social and financial needs of my clientele. Collaborative links created over the years with health network stakeholders.

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About Marie Gamache, advisor for senior residences in Montreal

Marie Gamache understands that the process of choosing senior residences in Montreal can be long and stressful.

She knows how to support you professionally AND morally in finding the best residence for your elderly loved one. She will accompany you in all the necessary and sometimes difficult steps – being available and reassuring at every step. She knows her job very well, which is above all a human one.

By listening carefully and offering personalized support services, Marie has helped many seniors find their retirement home in Montreal, at no cost!


Testimonials for Marie Gamache

● “I would like to express my appreciation for the assistance and support provided by Marie Gamache, the hosting advisor. Marie was attentive to our needs, kept us regularly informed of developments, and was always professional. It was a pleasure to work with her.” – C. T.

● “We recently used the services of Visavie to move my 95-year-old father to an intermediate care residence in Montreal. Our senior living advisor, Marie Gamache, was incredibly kind, compassionate, and professional. She supported us throughout the emotional and challenging process from beginning to end. Marie had extensive knowledge of the senior residential sector, assisted us in making our choice, maintained a good sense of humor, and always respected my father’s feelings and wishes. As Visavie advisors are independent from various residences, we never felt any bias towards a particular place, and we never felt rushed or pressured in any way. Our family highly recommends Visavie’s services, especially the wonderful Marie Gamache!” – S. Keys

● “We had the privilege of working with Marie Gamache, a residence advisor at Visavie. We were incredibly fortunate to have her! She did an outstanding job in a very short period. She was always available to answer our questions and address our concerns. We encountered a warm and empathetic woman who truly understood our situation. Thanks to Marie Gamache, my aunt’s spouse found a long-term care facility that suits his needs. You should be proud to have her on your team as she is truly efficient, kind, and attentive.” – Carole

● “Hello, I wanted to express my appreciation for Ms. Gamache, who helped my brother find housing a month and a half ago. Through her attentive listening, she found a residence that perfectly suits his needs. Throughout this process, we greatly appreciated her guidance and humanism. My brother is adapting well to his new environment, finding it calm, and enjoys having dinner at the residence’s cafeteria. In the future, I would not hesitate to seek her assistance in finding a residence for my parents, for example.” – Johanne McDonald

● “Hello, Ms. Gamache helped us find the perfect place for my mother. She was very patient with us despite our indecisiveness. Additionally, my mother was in the hospital due to a fall and needed to be relocated quickly. We visited the suggested residence, and my mother was swiftly moved. The place was perfect, meeting all of my mother’s needs. The follow-up was very helpful, and we greatly appreciated Ms. Gamache’s availability. Thank you for all your assistance.” – Sylvie R.

● “Hello Marie, although I am late in doing so, I wanted to sincerely thank you for facilitating my mother’s difficult transition to a serviced residence. We appreciate your attentiveness and patience with all of us. Our mother seems very satisfied and happy at the Anjou-sur-le-lac residence. The local CLSC provides her with certain services and reassurance. Once again, thank you very much!” – Angiola Annunzii, Béatrice, and Marie Louise Danese

● “Hello, we, the Landry family, would like to sincerely thank Ms. Marie Gamache for her exceptional service in assisting us in finding a residence for our father in just a few days. Her help, availability, understanding of the elderly, and support in meeting our needs were invaluable. We are truly grateful for all her work. On behalf of our entire family, we thank Ms. Gamache for her support and kindness during this challenging stage of life. It is rare to encounter such dedicated and trustworthy individuals. Her efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you, thank you!” –  Mrs. Landry

● “Hello, I would like to share my experience with Visavie. After an initial call, Ms. Gamache, a licensed advisor, contacted me to assess my mother’s needs. She then met with my mother to verify the provided information. Quickly, Ms. Gamache suggested a few residences, with a particular emphasis on two options” – M.Dorval