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Lucie St-Laurent

Authorized Senior Living Advisor

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A proverb that describes me

Commitment to oneself for the well-being of others!

What sets Lucie apart as a Senior Living Advisor at Visavie?

I have known my whole life that working for the well-being of others was my life’s mission. I have been a nurse for 35 years. Along the way, I had the privilege of welcoming seniors into my family while owning a family-type resource (RTF). I continued my mission and commitment to seniors as the Director of Nursing Services and General Manager in a retirement home (RPA) in the region. My experience deepened as I accompanied my father and mother in navigating the healthcare system and as a family caregiver. My role as a family caregiver was rich in learning. I offer you all my wealth of experience to support you, at your own pace, in your endeavors. I am recognized for my commitment, my listening skills, my kindness, and my integrity.

The ideal Senior Living Advisor in my opinion

An ideal Senior Living Advisor is available to accompany, listen, assist, advise, guide, and respect seniors and their families in their search for a new living environment.

”What is frightening is not the unknown but losing the known”.

For me, Visavie is

A heartfelt company, dedicated to the well-being of seniors and their families, offering personalized assistance and support for over 35 years in the search for a new home. It’s like a beacon in the night that guides and comforts us.

The key to my success

Commitment, perseverance, respect, my knowledge of the network, my contacts, and above all, the deep love I have for seniors.

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