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Jessica Guindon

Authorized Senior Living Advisor

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A proverb that describes me

The youth can walk fast, but the elder knows the road.

What sets Jessica Guindon apart as a senior living advisor at Visavie

What makes me stand out ? I would say my calm and patience. In my opinion, these qualities allow for a positive and productive atmosphere. My curious nature also makes me want to meet others and get to know them better. I especially enjoy the laughter that can be exchanged between people, which is a good sign of complicity most of the time.

I also carry with me the valuable experience of having worked as a senior housing advisor even before joining Visavie. This past experience has allowed me to develop a special bond of affection, complicity and kindness towards the residents. These precious moments continue to be part of my daily life, to my great pleasure. At some point in our lives, we become aware that the way we help and accompany others is the way we realize our own potential. I personally attach high importance to this.

Always optimistic and positive by nature, I am always looking for options and solutions !

The ideal senior housing counselor in my opinion

For me, the ideal living counselor is always a good listener. Without judgment, he or she attempts to learn more about the other person’s background, experience, feelings and dreams. An effective senior’s residence advisor knows how to ask the right questions, even the hardest ones. The perfect advisor takes into account the client’s medical condition, his or her expectations regarding the desired accommodation and the realistic budget for the person. All this, with a coherent and structured approach.

The entire process must be done as a team, involving each senior and his or her close relatives and, as often as possible, with a few laughs and good anecdotes. Because I consider that in a pleasant atmosphere, every step can progress much better.

A good advisor is familiar with the network of seniors’ residences. Most of the time, precious connections have been made with the social services. Through these contacts, the purpose is to ensure that clients can actually benefit from it. The ideal counselor is active, knowledgeable and continually seeks to keep her expertise up to date. When necessary, a dedicated advisor does not hesitate to ask colleagues for advice and also proposes creative solutions. Everything is done for the benefit of the seniors and their families.

In summary, the best senior advisor is the one who knows how to be your ally, while respecting your own rhythm !

For me, Visavie is

Pioneering in its field, Visavie is a unique organization that truly understands the reality of seniors. For more than 30 years, Visavie has been working to facilitate the process of finding the perfect residence for seniors. With the expanding needs of seniors, family caregivers sometimes overwhelmed, and a varied market where small and large residences are multiplying, each with their own specialties and services, Visavie has established itself as an obvious resource for making relationships between different parties, while respecting the reality of each senior.
I am proud to belong to this great family dedicated to the well-being of seniors, where dignity and the constant search for maximum autonomy for each senior are a central point.

The key to my success

Initially, the transition to a seniors’ residence is a bit like stepping into the unknown. It is then natural to have some concerns and apprehensions. Moving on from a chapter in your life is not a small thing. I can tell you that I fully understand this !

By accompanying you on this emotional journey, it allows me to guide you with wisdom in this important process. Together, one small step at a time, it is possible to move forward at your own pace. You may then realize that the next chapter of your life has much more to offer than you may have thought at first !

➞ Contact Jessica by calling her directly at 438-886-7279 to get your complete and free support in your search for residences for seniors in Montérégie and South Shore region.