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Isabelle Mercier

Isabelle Mercier

Authorized senior living advisor

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A proverb that describes me

Challenges make life interesting; overcoming them gives it meaning.

What sets Isabelle Mercier apart as a senior living advisor at Visavie?

Having had the privilege of advising parents and grandparents for 10 years, I have worked in an area that is particularly important to me, that is, post-secondary education for children and grandchildren.

My various experiences in recent years, focused primarily on the human sense, have allowed me to put my most important values to good use.  Active listening, caring and empathy have allowed me to build strong relationships of trust, meeting the needs of parents and grandparents.  Listening to the needs of others increases the sense of well-being, reduces anxiety and to find the best solutions for everyone.  That’s what makes me happy in my job.

In my opinion, the ideal advisor is

For me, a senior living advisor is a teammate and a team player who can be counted on and supported in all circumstances. She is also a person who is present and accessible to seniors and their families. She builds trust and can share emotional experiences about the concerns of seniors. She can adapt to all situations by encouraging their desire to participate in decisions that concern them.

The support and guidance of a senior living advisor in a safe environment is the most valuable achievement. The sense of accomplishment comes from finding the best solution for the senior to allow for a smooth and harmonious transition into their new environment.

For me Visavie is

Visavie is a team whose goal is to ensure that all services provided to seniors allow them to age in good health, in a safe, respectful, and dignified environment. The compassionate attitude of Visavie seniors’ professionals facilitates integration into their new environment.

The key to my success

I am a caring, attentive, and an authentic person. My ability to analyze situations will allow me to guide you to the right living environment, as if you were my own family.

I would be honored to share my experience and skills to help seniors and their families find the right retirement home for them.

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