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Senior Living Advisors

Guylaine Morin

Authorized Senior Living Advisor

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A proverb that describe me

“Show delicacy towards the people you meet. They may be fighting a harder battle than yours.” — Plato

What sets Guylaine Morin apart as a Senior Living Advisor at Visavie?

My listening skills, my kindness, and my adaptability have always been at the core of my unconventional journey in science, communications, and teaching yoga and meditation. I have a natural talent for building trust and a strong sense of organization and coherence.

The ideal Senior Living Advisor in my opinion

She strikes a balance between empathy and righteous action. She always keeps in mind what the person being accompanied desires for their next life stage, with dignity and peace of mind.

For me, Visavie is

A unique, humane, and professional support service that makes a tremendous difference in people’s lives by guiding them respectfully and providing reassurance during a moment in life where there can be a lot of vulnerability.

The key to my success

The key to my success lies in my ability to instill confidence in people, my calm and reassuring presence, and my diligence. No matter the challenge, I always strive to bring perspective, levity, and light.


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