Senior housing counsellors

Guylaine Gatineau

Authorized senior living advisor

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A proverb that describes me

“He who likes to ask for advice will grow.” That’s why I believe there is nothing more precious in this world than a person who is ready to help you.

What sets me apart

My authenticity and my strength of character make me a dedicated person. With over 30 years of customer service experience, I have learned to listen to people and recognize the sense of urgency in order to be of service.

To me Visavie is

a professional company with a heart, which has people at the centre of its priorities, with the aim of making the builders of this country happy and safe throughout this important stage of life.

In my opinion, the ideal advisor

… is a person who cares about the well-being of her clients and who ensures that all of their needs are met, with respect and dignity. It is also about ending a day with a sense of accomplishment and hoping to do the same every day.

The key to my success

Interpersonal communications and empathy are fundamental tools and values for me and with which I work on a daily basis, in order to care for and improve the quality of life of my clients.

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