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Florent Clairoux conseiller en milieu de vie chez Visavie dans la région de Gatineau, Hull et Ottawa

Florent Clairoux

Authorized Senior Living Advisor

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A proverb that describes me

“Who speaks, sow; who listens, reaps.” — Pythagoras

What sets Florent Clairoux apart as a senior living advisor at Visavie?

Through my professional experience, I have gained expertise in customer service and human relationships. From tourism to retirement home management, I have always been passionate about offering more to my clients and exceeding their expectations. I am joining the Visavie team with nearly 15 years of experience in the retirement home sector under my belt. I am very familiar with the retirement home network and the quality of each home’s services and environment. It’s a privilege for me to help senior citizens and their loved ones looking for the perfect establishment that meets their needs.  My primary goal is to offer efficient yet personable services to help you get the most out of your retirement and manage all the life changes this entails. The happiness and satisfaction of senior citizens and their loved ones are crucial to my personal and professional development.

To me Visavie is

A free and unique service that guides senior citizens and their loved ones in their continued happiness.

In my opinion, the ideal advisor

He listens attentively to their clients to truly understand and meet their needs. They have a keen analytic mind for finding the best solutions for you. Furthermore, they adopt a sincere and diplomatic approach to let you come to your own decision. Finally, they are respectful and attentive, guiding senior citizens and their loved ones through this important transition at their own pace.

The key to my success

Attentiveness. I will take the time to carefully listen to you and understand your needs so that I can offer you the very best services and resources.


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