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Claudine Blier

Claudine Blier

Authorized Senior Living Advisor

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A proverb that describes me

“My passion: connection”

What sets Claudine Blier apart as a senior living advisor at Visavie?

I am a woman who loves to connect, and connections of the heart are especially important to me. I find it easy to empathize with each person’s circumstances in life. I like hearing what people have to say and taking the time to listen and understand without judgement.

In my work with seniors, I am emotionally engaged with every aspect of their lives. With this in mind, my work as a retirement home advisor takes on genuine meaning in the support I offer to families at Visavie.

I offer a reassuring presence in this important stage of life that is often a source of stress for seniors and their loved ones. I respect each individual’s pace and never pressure them.

To me Visavie is…

… a team that adapts to the personal needs of every senior and family in order to provide exceptional service.

Our complete and personalized service helps you find the best senior living facilities that best suit their individual needs and profile.

This essential service helps save time and energy when searching for the right retirement communities.

In my opinion, the ideal advisor…

… serves first and foremost, the needs of seniors and their families. She is dedicated, attentive and respectful. She knows how to adapt to the pace of each individual without pressuring them, and establishes a genuine relationship.

The key to my success

I’m an attentive listener with a warm presence. I am available and willing to do everything in my power to ensure that clients are happy in their new retirement home.

What’s more, thanks to my professional experience, I’m very familiar with the retirement home market and can therefore address the needs of seniors directly and efficiently.

* I am happy and comfortable to help seniors and their families in French and English


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