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Claudette Brown

Claudette Brown

Authorized Senior Living Advisor

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A proverb that describes me

Happiness… It is to give and help others. — Henry Drummond

What sets Claudette Brown apart as a senior living advisor at Visavie?

I am a woman of heart with a great desire to help seniors. My great patience allows me to be a good listener, empathetic and respectful. I am very sensitive to your concerns, your fears, your questions and also the challenges and situations that sometimes seniors must face and this without judgment because I understand you. Having been a caregiver for my parents, I can assure you that it is normal to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of all that a change in environment can bring and the task of finding a residence that will meet your needs or those of your family member. I have helped many families find their new home to finally blossom, rest and feel as secure as they so richly deserve. My experience in senior living allows me to guide you and explain the rental process and all that surrounds the administrative operation as well as the questions during the visits in order to target the residence that will listen and meet your needs. I will accompany you from start to finish. Together, we will move forward one step at a time.

What makes a great advisor?

To be a good listener, to be compassionate, to understand their fears and a great desire to help others. Know how to respect the rhythm of each person without pressure. My only goal is to help you. The most important thing for me is respect and dignity.

What Visavie represents to me

A company that has been helping seniors for over 34 years. Every day we help a senior, a family to find a solution so that their wishes and needs are respected. We are dedicated to improving the living environment for you or your loved ones.

The key to my success

I practice the most beautiful profession in the world, that of helping seniors and their families. My integrity and my availability to my families is without a doubt my best quality. My happiness is to accompany you in your journey to find your new living environment. Together we will walk, we will find and it will be beautiful.

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Testimonials for Claudette Brown

● “Claudette greatly facilitated the integration of my mother into her new residence. She was able to calm my mother’s fears and reassure her multiple times. Her kindness, attentive listening, and helpful advice were greatly appreciated by all members of our family. Claudette is a dedicated and warm person who genuinely cares for the elderly. She is sincere and genuinely concerned about the well-being of the people she supports. – S.T.

“I had the opportunity to speak with Mrs. Claudette Brown, a senior living advisor at Visavie, for my father’s move to a retirement residence. I had never heard of Visavie before, and I had no idea what to expect… But Claudette was able to show me the right direction to take… It was a long process, but despite all the ups and downs of this journey, Claudette never let us down, my father and I… She accompanied us on several visits to the residences and took personal time to honestly and gently answer our numerous questions and concerns. In June of this year, my father moved to the residence, and Claudette even took the time to visit him there, have lunch with him, and show him another aspect of his new home. I am grateful to have met this kind-hearted lady who was able to comfort us, calm us down, guide us in the right direction, and give me courage. Thank you so much, Claudette, for all your work with us. You have made a big difference for my dad and for me. 🫶 ❤ 😘” 

“In these few lines, we would like to convey our appreciation for the services received from Visavie, through Claudette Brown. Claudette has been attentive to our needs. She kept us informed of the progress and details regarding our request. Her professionalism seems to be a part of her everyday routine. We greatly appreciate the follow-ups that allow for rectifying certain details and requests that were not executed by the relevant residence. We would do business with you again.” – Chantal, Philip and Danielle

“Last April, after 5 years as a natural caregiver for my 91-year-old mother, I had to make the decision for her well-being to find a residence. Just two days after meeting with the doctor, I met Claudette Brown for advice. To our greatest delight, Claudette introduced me to Visavie. With exceptional professionalism, she took notes on my mother’s health condition and informed me of an availability at La Vilia in Gatineau. The best part of the story when such a decision needs to be made is to receive support, advice, and especially the sharing of information about the different services available. I didn’t have to worry about paperwork; everything was organized. Just 3 weeks after our meeting, we moved my mother in. After over 3 weeks at La Vilia, we see Mom spreading her wings, participating in activities, and making friends. She has rejuvenated by 5 years in such a short time. Claudette, we consider you as an angel on our path as we transition to this new stage of life for Mom. A huge thank you, and I highly recommend your services 400%. 😘

“We are writing this note to provide special recognition and deepest thanks to Claudette Brown. Claudette helped us during a time of great stress in our family – and at a time when we were so unsure of what we could do to provide the help and care that David needed. Claudette is, at her core, a kind and caring person. Her empathy and genuine desire to help David find peace and calm during a difficult time was so very consistent and made a huge, positive difference in our lives. For this we thank her deeply.
Claudette has continued to stay in contact and when we have reached out with questions or seeking guidance, she is always there – her advice has been so welcome. She genuinely goes the extra mile all the time- demonstrating her experience, expertise and above all, her warm heart. Thank you.” – Longmore and Newing

“It has been a long time since I wanted to testify about the precious help we received from Mrs. Claudette. Last summer, we were in a hurry to move my mother to Gatineau, and we needed to act quickly to relocate her from her current residence. We didn’t know who to turn to, and we met a guiding star who helped us promptly and with a lot of empathy and professionalism.
I must thank Mrs. Claudette for understanding our situation, providing valuable advice, quickly organizing everything, and guiding us through these stressful moments. She helped us find a residence that would meet our mother’s needs, followed up with us, and assisted us with the necessary paperwork. We had several meetings, and Mrs. Claudette supported us throughout the entire process. She continued to check in with us afterwards, and we are very grateful to her. I highly recommend the services of Visavie, especially with the support of this kind, caring, and highly professional lady. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Claudette.
” – L. Lamontagne

“A word to acknowledge the compassionate assistance of Mrs. Claudette Brown, who enabled our mother to quickly find a living environment that suits her needs. This prevented her from having a prolonged hospital stay. Despite her health issues, our mother greatly enjoys her living place. She feels well supported and has managed to make friends. So, once again, thank you to Claudette, who has followed up to ensure that life is comfortable enough for our mother, despite illness and concerns related to her age.”