Senior housing counsellors

Christine Vyboh conseillère en milieu de vie chez Visavie

Christine Vyboh

Authorized senior living advisor

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A proverb that describes me

Wherever you go, go with your heart. — Confucius

What sets me apart

My love for people and my ability to listen. I have a personality that invites you to bond. With each new meeting, I am always impressed by the progress made by people. This is what makes each of us unique.

To me Visavie is

An unwavering reputation for over 30 years in the residential community. The human side and the professionalism of the people who work there naturally generate confidence.

In my opinion, the ideal advisor

The ability to quickly create a relationship of trust in order to support you in your search for a new living environment. The ability to understand both the expectations and the needs of families who call on our professional services.

The key to my success

In addition to my so-called welcoming personality, rigor and determination in supporting families are my strengths. My pace is yours, because I know that the choices ahead are not easy and that you have to invest the time necessary to make the right decisions.