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Catherine Dubuc

Authorized Senior Living Advisor

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A proverb that describes me

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone!

What sets Catherine Dubuc apart as a Senior Living Advisor at Visavie?

It is this precious balance, that I have acquired with experience, between taking the time to listen to you in order to understand your needs and my formidable efficiency to find THE perfect residence for you, among the many choices of residences that are offered to you.

To me Visavie is

  • An experienced team of experts in the field of residences
  • Knowledge sharing, collaboration and mutual support
  • People with a heart who share one goal: to help as many people as possible find the perfect home that will make them happy.

In my opinion, the ideal Senior Living Advisor

  • Putting the human being at the heart of your priorities.
  • Ask the right questions to identify your real needs.
  • Know how to listen sincerely.
  • To have an extraordinary ability to synthesize and popularize information.
  • Offer a personalized and turnkey service from the beginning to the end of the search process.
  • Accompany the senior and his family at every step to ensure a smooth transition to this new stage of life that is residential living.

The key to my success

Here are the key elements of my recipe for the ideal counselor:

  • Empathy
  • Warm approach
  • In-depth knowledge of the residential field
  • Respect for each person’s pace
  • Sincere desire to help in order to take a weight off your shoulders during this time of searching.

Thank you for your help!


Testimonials for Catherine Dubuc

“Hello Catherine, everything is now signed and in order. The move will take place on March 28th in the afternoon. My mother thinks it’s happening quickly, but she seems to be getting used to the idea as each step progresses. Now that everything is almost finished, I personally want to thank you, on behalf of my mother, my sisters, and myself, sincerely for your support throughout this process of finding the best possible place to accommodate my mother. Your expertise in the field, your empathy towards my mother, and your attentiveness to her needs and concerns have been of great help. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone. Thank you for everything.” – S. L’Ecuyer

“It was a challenging housing change for my friend to accept, but it became much easier thanks to all your help. Despite her changing health situation and the need to assess several residences to meet her needs, you remained positive and supported us tirelessly. You did more than I could have expected. I felt in good hands throughout the process, and I know she is now in the right place.” – J. F. Liebner

“This is to express our gratitude to Catherine Dubuc. In a short period, she has been attentive and proactive in addressing the needs of my aunt, who is experiencing a loss of autonomy. Through her availability, professionalism, gentleness, and calm demeanor, she instilled confidence in us to make an informed decision for the well-being of my aunt. She managed to relieve the burden that weighed on our shoulders. I thank her for her excellent work and everything she has done for us. I recommend her without any hesitation. Sincerely” – P. Dallaire

“I would like to thank you for the magnificent work you have done in finding a retirement home for my 96-year-old mother. A big THANK YOU to Catherine Dubuc for her professionalism, dynamism, rigor, and perseverance. Thanks to Catherine, we found a retirement home in record time. My mother had been hospitalized for over two months, and it was evident that she could no longer return to live in her condominium. In less than two weeks, Catherine proposed three residences, and the choice ultimately stopped at Borea from the Groupe Maurice.” – N. Felton

“Chance brought me across Catherine at the red light on the road, and I called her to share our situation. An angel descended from the sky!! She understood our needs and found a perfect place for my parents, one independent and the other with cognitive decline. Thank you, life, for placing the sweet and wonderful Catherine on my path that morning.” – Sylvie A.

● “Recently, Catherine Dubuc accompanied me in the search for a retirement home for my older brother. What professionalism! Catherine understood our needs very well; she is attentive and shows great dedication. Thanks to Ms. Dubuc, we found a place that meets my brother’s needs in a very short time. She is very proactive and follows up very well. I would not hesitate to recommend Ms. Dubuc to anyone.” – C. L.

● “I am very grateful to Catherine Dubuc for helping us find a place for our mother in the West Island. During several phone conversations before we ever met, Catherine took the time to listen and really understand the current situation and our needs. Her caring and compassion came through, even on the phone. She miraculously found two places that would take Mum with her cat! We are all very pleased with the residence we chose, and with the personalized service we received from Catherine.” – Amy B.

● “I wanted to take a moment to thank Catherine Dubuc for helping us find a retirement home for our dad. She was able to reassure us and prepare us well for this stressful step in life. Thank you for your professionalism, your support, greatly appreciated 😊” – Mélanie et Yvon

● “A short message to thank Catherine and highlight her exemplary work and great kindness. From the first phone call to the signing of my lease at Sélection Panorama, she was able to pinpoint my needs and conduct her research accordingly.” – Mrs. Goulet

“Hello!  I had the chance to do business with counselor Catherine Dubuc for the placement of my grandmother. I say luck, but the word is weak! Catherine has been a very valuable help and her advice has helped us move forward, more equipped and more confident. She is a person who is always ready to answer the call, full of empathy and she knows very well what she does and says, which made us super confident in our next steps. On top of all that, Catherine found a great place for my grandmother’s situation! A very very big thank you!!”– Genevieve Menard

“Hello! We have done business with Catherine Dubuc and we wanted to tell you that we are very very very satisfied and as seniors we were really trusted, mentored and helped. She knew how to hold down the fort and reassure us. She was very patient with us and we loved her like our granddaughter. The Visavie agency can be proud that she works for them. Thank you!” – Francine and Charles

“Hello! After a surprise hospitalization (as many are), my mother could no longer safely live alone. Appui-Laval taught me that there were VISAVIE, housing counselors. What a precious help! The weight of this intense and emotionally difficult burden was so much lighter when we were paired with CATHERINE DUBUC : an angel who came to our rescue! Very professional and above all empathetic, after a few questions to get an overview of our needs, she took charge of making appointments in three residences not too far from my home and of accompanying me during the visits. Always a good listener, patient and organized, I felt I was in good hands. Mom signed her lease yesterday 😀 What an essential service, really! Well done and most of all thank you Catherine! Forever grateful,”– Carole G.

“I would like to underline the exemplary work of Mrs. Catherine Dubuc who knew how to guide me in a context that was difficult for me. I had to find a place for my father very quickly within 7 days and near my mother who was already in a residence. Catherine was always there and listened to my needs. Trust this woman who knows how to put us in confidence and who accompanies us until the end.”– Josée W.

“Catherine Dubuc did an incredible job for my mother. She helped us find a residence that respected what my mother was looking for. Catherine is caring, professional and truly wants to help. Her attentiveness, her good humor and her passion for her work make her an exceptional person. I would recommend her to anyone looking to find their new home. Thank you again Catherine for everything.”– Thomas

“Dear Catherine, a word to express my gratitude for having accompanied me so well in this important transition in my life, which is materializing at a somewhat dizzying speed! But don’t worry about me… I feel ready! Your presence and that of Stéphanie have greatly reassured me and you can be sure that if someone in my entourage should take a similar approach to mine, I will without hesitation recommend that he call you. I hope I will have the opportunity to see you again one of these days! … during another visit to Les Verrières, who knows? A big thank you for everything!”– Marie

“Catherine Dubuc did an incredible job for my mother. She helped us find a home that respected what my mother was looking for Catherine is caring, professional and really looking to help. Her listening, good humour and passion for her work make her an exceptional person. I recommend it to anyone looking to find their new home. Thanks again Catherine for everything.”

“Hello! I want to acknowledge the good work that Catherine Dubuc has done for my aunt to accompany her , support , listen to her needs , reassure , she really made a difference , you can count on her professionalism at all times , It was an experience for me too as it was the first time that I wanted to be at the side of someone close to me to support her so that she could find a home that listened to her needs and Catherine did it wonderfully in a short time! I would love him, Thank you! From the bottom of my heart! You can trust her !” – F. Larocque

● “Hello, I would like to warmly thank Catherine Dubuc for her help in our search to find the right residence that suits the needs of my sister in loss of autonomy! She is very professional and does her follow-ups! Thank you so much Catherine!

● “I especially want to thank Catherine for her help in settling our mother in an RPA residence. Our concern was listened to with professionalism, and she knew how to lead us to the right facility for our present needs. The follow-up was perfect.


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