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Caroline Deslandes

Authorized Senior Living Advisor

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A proverb that describes me

« My passion to contribute to the well-being of our seniors and to offer them a better world ».

What sets Caroline Deslandes apart as a senior living advisor at Visavie?

My energy, my warm sense of welcoming as well as my sense of urgency when necessary, and my capacity to adapt to any type of situation – doing so in a humane and efficient manner. My ability to make the research process pleasant and secure for the elders and those around them. I understand the issues professionally and personally and I am committed to simplifying the procedures for you.

In my opinion, the ideal advisor…

… listens and understands the issues. She knows the residences, effectively and adequately identifies each of the needs and realities of our seniors and their families. She is available, has a sense of urgency and is committed to providing a good quality of life to everyone. Her mission is to support you by simplifying each step and even to make the process enjoyable by removing the stress from this environment which, for the most part, is unknown. People feel secure and confident being guided by your Visavie advisor.

For me, Visavie is

The best reference in the industry. Every member of our large family is dedicated providing you with exceptional service every day. Each of us has the well-being of our seniors as a priority and we are fortunate to work for a company that shares these important human values. For me, it is a privilege to be part of this great team which constantly makes me learn and grow to better support you in your efforts.

The key to my success

I naturally have this sense of contact with the elderly, it is in me – my approach is reassuring, I am warm and I desire their well-being and they feel it. I can sense the trust they and their families have in me. I am passionate about the field of gerontology and I make a point of always learning more about the subject. My life experiences also contribute to this, I have worked in the residential area and I have also lived the process with my father who has Alzheimer’s. Sometimes things can’t be explained, they just happen. I believe it is this beautiful magic that happens when I walk you through this process. Best regards!


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