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Barbara Davis senior living advisor

Barbara Davis

Authorized Senior Living Advisor

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A proverb that describes me

There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t met yet — William Butler Yeats

What sets Barbara Davis apart as a senior living advisor at Visavie?

My Nursing career began over 20 years ago. The experience of having worked in Long Term Care, Retirement Living and, in the Community as a Client Care Manager, has provided me with a very good understanding of the health care system. It has also provided me with the privilege of getting to know many people and how best to support their needs. The clients whom I have connected with over the years have instilled in me the importance of kindness and communication, the ability to listen and to empathize, and that sometimes a little humour can go a long way.

What makes a great advisor?

A great advisor is attentive and respectful to the needs of their client. They are a comforting presence with you throughout the process from start to finish of finding the right home that will best suit your needs and lifestyle. A great advisor brings peace of mind, a wealth of knowledge, and expertise.

What Visavie represents to me

Visavie represents the freedom of choice. It represents a sense of relief to anyone who may feel overwhelmed with finding a retirement home for themselves or, for a loved one. It represents a high standard of compassionate service that is free to the client without any pressure.

The key to my success

Establishing a connection and collaborating with the client and those in their circle of care to help them with their care needs. Whether they wish to move or, if they decide to remain in their home. Respecting their pace along the way.

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