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Senior housing counsellors

Annie Dufort conseillère en milieu de vie chez Visavie

Annie Dufort

Authorized senior living advisor

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A proverb that describes me

You must be the change you want to see in this world – Ghandi

What sets me apart

My perseverance, my determination, my dynamism, my positivism and my empathy. With more than twenty years of experience listening to customers in different areas, I had to have very good listening skills as well as an excellent analytical mind in order to properly target the needs of my clients. In addition, it is essential for me to establish and build a good relationship of trust from the start. Also, 6 years ago, my family and I had to deal with the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s for my mother. 4 years later, the disease has progressed a lot, my father and I had to take steps to find him a new living environment on a care unit. I am the right person who will be wholeheartedly to support families, who have to deal with the disease. I fully understand all your worries, the whole range of emotions you have to deal with. We must learn to live with the disease on a daily basis … one day at a time. It was this harsh ordeal that reoriented my career for Visavie, in order to make a difference in the lives of seniors.

To me Visavie is

A company with more than thirty years of expertise with highly qualified and professional staff in support as well as the search for an accredited private residence for seniors. It is a great, dynamic team, with great openness, which cares about the well-being and safety of seniors in their new living environment.

In my opinion, the ideal advisor

She is an empathetic, human person for whom the value of respect is a priority. She must have excellent listening skills, a good command of the sense of analysis in order to properly respect the needs, preferences, deadlines and budget of her clients. Making the decision to move to a retirement home is a big important step in the life of her people, therefore, a good counselor must ensure that the process takes place in a beautiful collaboration, a beautiful harmony in an atmosphere of calm and trust.

The key to my success

Build a good relationship of trust, listen and ask the right questions to properly target the needs of my clients to properly assess my research to find the best living environment for them, in a safe, supervised, entertaining, peaceful place that suits them to please, make them happy as well as correspond to their expectations.