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Choosing a retirement home in Ontario

Across Ontario, Visavie’s mission is to assist seniors and their families in their search for the retirement living environment that will best serve their needs.

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The right retirement home for each senior

The right Ontario retirement home for each senior

Looking for the perfect retirement home somewhere in Ontario ? Our seniors’ living advisors can assist you in that search, free of charge. We know how important this transition is to seniors but also their families and close relatives. Our goal is to find the right retirement home, adapted to the specific needs of each senior.


A human and benevolent support from our senior living advisors for choosing a retirement home in Ontario

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Our free and no obligation service

Our senior living advisors offer you a no-cost, no-obligation assistance. We want you to feel completely at ease and to benefit from the best advice based on your personal reality. Visavie’s senior living advisors will truly work for you, or your beloved elderly relative, to find a place where every senior will feel comfortable, just like at home.

Listen, understand and support : 3 words to describe our approach

Our approach can be well summarized in three simple words : Listen, Understand and Support. Our senior living advisors are available to listen to you. Do not hesitate to share your fears and desires with them. Through their experience and caring approach, our advisors will understand your actual needs to help you find a comfortable and enjoyable living environment. For each of these steps, you can count on the support and accompaniment of Visavie’s team.
Our 4-step method : to help you choose the best seniors' retirement home in Ontario

Our 4-step method : to help you choose the best seniors’ retirement home in Ontario

Our simple but effective four-step approach has been used and proven many times. To find the ideal seniors’ residence, we highly recommend you adopt this method.


Analysis of your needs

This first step can be achieved by a simple phone call. During this discussion with a counselor, you will have the opportunity to share your wishes as well as your main criteria in your search for a good retirement home answering your needs.


Initial presentation of the selected retirement homes

Now that your needs are clearly identified with this first step, the advisor will submit you an initial list of Ontario’s retirement homes that meet your criteria. This meeting will take place in person, in the comfort of your own home. A relative or family member can naturally be at your side if desired.


Visit of the chosen senior homes

The third step is to visit the retirement homes, and nursing homes, that you have chosen during your discussion with the senior housing advisor. Do not worry, we will take care of booking and planning the visits of the senior residences for you. Depending on your preference, you can request that a counselor accompany you on your visit to familiarize yourself with the communities.


Evaluation of complementary services to help in your transition to a retirement home

Now that you have made the right choice for the best retirement home in Ontario for your own needs, the next step is to evaluate if there are any other services that could be useful to you. The assistance of a notary or a moving company are just a few examples of the potential complementary services available. 

You can also decide to get additional home care services for seniors, if you wish so.

Listening to your needs to find the best retirement home in Ontario

Remember that the entire Visavie team is available to listen carefully to your needs, to ensure that they are identified accurately. Our support, both for the senior and for his relatives, is intended to be attentive and caring in order to provide beneficial help. Through our advice and attention, we hope to guide each senior (and their family) in choosing the best retirement home according to their real needs, and in the interest of their health and well-being.

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Choosing a retirement home in Ontario