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Family caregivers we have supported testify to our services

At Visavie, we are known for our human approach and for the quality of our home care and residence search services.

As a testimony to this, we have testimonials from family caregivers whom we have supported in caring for their loved one.


They say that bad luck is good for everything and that has proven to be true for me. Gilles lost a leg, which is not nothing, but it allowed me to be in contact with precious people like Ms. Lise Dupuis who worked a lot to find a residence when it was not easy.

Gilles changed his mind at least three or more times in choosing a residence and Ms. Dupuis was very patient and dedicated. She even worried that I got lost on the way. If you want to take 2 hours to go from St-Hyacinthe to Richelieu, try to follow me …

Ms. Dupuis even called me today Sunday to follow up on the game.
Without really knowing Gilles, she found the perfect place for him and I would say it was beyond his expectations and mine.

Thank you very much for the service you provide, it is immensely appreciated 😊

— Louise T. (04/09/21)

Dear Mr. Sirois,

A short note to say thank you to Visavie for the services you have provided in finding a suitable retirement home for my sister.

And a special shout-out to Heather Hyndman in Ottawa who helped guide us through the choice of two different retirement homes – first at Lynwood Park and then a subsequent move to Thorncliffe Place in February when we needed to find a home with additional care for my sister.

Heather was extremely helpful in terms of lining up prospective locations, helping sort through what my sister would need and what each home could offer, and even arranging moving through Simply Senior which made the process much smoother. Heather was kind and generous with her time and availability throughout, always thoughtful about our needs, and helped us through what otherwise would have been a very stressful time.

Thanks to you, the Visavie team and especially to Heather!

— John D. (04/02/21)

I consulted a long-time friend, Lina Ali, to advise me on a good place for my mother. My mother is in Sherbrooke. I know this is not her territory, but, I needed help securing my 90 year old mother.

Lina took care of finding a great place where my mom is going to be safe and have great service. I’m not comfortable with all these papers and places and Lina has been able to guide me and my mother very well. She made the appointments with the local customer service manager.

We were delighted with the meeting and the excellent service from Lina, who really takes care of my mother.

— Danielle B. (03/26/21)


I’ve wanted to write to you for a while, but one thing after another …

After talking to each other almost every day for a few weeks … everything suddenly stopped … We no longer needed your services directly, it seems …
However, I wanted to sincerely thank you for everything you have done and the effort you put into it. You really show a lot of empathy and you were able to guide us well in this process.

The preparations for the move are under way. The big day is March 31st. Pierre sold his car (phew!) And it looks like the steps to take (insurance, and other changes to be made) are giving him back energy. In addition, our sister in Drummondville makes small dishes for him for two full meals a day, frozen in trays with vegetables, potatoes or rice or other, etc. not to mention the instructions for reheating. Worthy of a high-end caterer! It is my son Étienne who shuttles every two weeks to Drummondville to deliver to Pierre. He is still well surrounded the ‘my uncle’. “That too must help him, because he eats healthier meals than he could buy ready-made at the grocery store.

Finally, as you can see, everything is on track. Pierre has been vaccinated since Saturday and Louis and I will be vaccinated on the 19th!
On the day of the move, Étienne will come to assist me, as he will be able to go with Pierre to the residence before everything is finished at his current address. That way, he can bring his cat (he intends to put it in the shower so it doesn’t interfere with the movers at the residence – I thought it was a good idea. Big enough for he has space and his food and glazed, so he will be able to see what is happening 😊)

I haven’t forgotten that we have an appointment to thank you for your help. We could meet this summer at Pierre’s for a BBQ, since there is one … or if not, a meal in the dining room. Finally, we will see where the pandemic is …

Thank you again and I wish you the best for the future, professionally and personally.

Looking forward to seeing you,

— Michèle D. (03/19/21)

Madame Poulin, Pardon my computer skills, but ultimately and absolutely I wanted to follow up on my father’s file. I would like to express to you my gratitude and my great satisfaction with the work carried out with precision, speed, availability, great openness, listening deployed by the entire Visavie team and in particular with Isabelle Poulin who showed empathy with a sense of humor that put us in a relationship of trust between my father and me. Successful professional file management; my father has been living at 3295 Boulevard Gouin Est since July 8, 2020. Once again, a huge thank you!

— Ginette P. (03/05/21)


I wanted to come and express my gratitude to Ms. Josée Reid (Laval, Laurentides, Lanaudière team) for her excellent support in finding a residence for my mother.

Josée was very attentive, patient and gave good advice in order to find a place to live that really met my mother’s needs. She supported me in this particularly emotional moment. In addition, since we were in a period of COVID-19, it was causing me additional stress.

Thank you to your organization and particularly to Josée Reid for her unwavering support. Your body is a great help.

— Josée B. (02/26/21)

Hello !
I would like to thank Ms. Josée Reid for her dedication! Thanks to Josée I was able to locate my parents at the Jardin le Renoir in Laval in October 2020 & now at the Marquis in Sorel!
I congratulate her for her availability and her professionalism !!

— Diane L. (02/15/21)

I absolutely want to mention the immense help, the kindness, the availability, the empathy of your advisor Janique Duguay. This lady is a fairy godmother. Placing a loved one is emotionally difficult, the research even more so. With the help of Mme Duguay, in less than a week the perfect residence was found for my father. Never, with all my calls and my questions, did I have the feeling to bother her, she kept telling me not to bother me.
I repeat my complete satisfaction and gratitude to Ms. Duguay. Thank you very much Madam for your more than excellent service.

— Danielle B. (02/12/21)

I had the opportunity to work with Ms. Caroline Deslandes over the past week, I wanted to highlight the exceptional work of this lady. She had to refer to me for a user file struggling with relocation difficulties for her wife. Ms. Deslandes has been proactive, empathetic, professional and of exceptional humanity.
She has all the qualities required in my opinion to support the elderly in the relocation process, she has been able to be very reassuring and develop a bond of trust with the user.

I want to personally thank her for all the efforts she has made for the well-being of our aging population. Wishing that she continues her excellent work for a long time.

— Julie P. (02/05/21)

Madame Boutin,

A huge thank you for the excellent service you have provided me with remarkable speed. In less than a week you fixed my problem.
The position I found myself in brought me insecurity and stress, you have no doubt noticed it,
Your professionalism combined with your positive attitude eased my anxieties. I quickly noticed your customer concern, which resulted in reassuring trust. Thanks to you I have a superior accommodation situation in an environment which I think will please me.
I am very grateful to you.
Thank you Madame Boutin.

— Gaétan S. (01/29/21)

Good evening Celia,
We are the ones thanking you for your time, your big heart and your understanding as well as your empathy. Thanks to you we had a hope that Grandma can return to the well-being of her home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥ ️ and we will talk again Friday thank you good evening .

— Cristina (01/20/21)

Good evening Marie,

The past few weeks have been filled with emotions for our family.

Your support in guiding us through the steps required to find a residence meeting the needs of our father Jacques Lévesque was a great support for us.

Your advice and your availability have enabled us to move through this entire process, despite the pandemic and the uncertainties surrounding it.

Hoping that our father can integrate well into his new living environment.

thanks again for everything

— Nathalie Lévesque (01/19/21)

A huge thank you to Mrs. Tousignant. On this Christmas Eve I have a very special thought for Huguette Tousignant. She was of special help to me by advising me La Marée for my friend Jeanne. I have full confidence in the warm, attentive staff, you can feel that these men and women are happy at work And that at La Marée the staff respond quickly when help is needed. The family atmosphere makes a big difference. Spend happy holidays with your loved ones.

— Francine Desroches Roch (01/04/21)

From the moment I found Visavie on the web, Marie-Hélène Laplante was a beacon for me. A light that had just come on. Immediately, Ms. Laplante’s reassuring tone and calmness became a sort of balm in my father’s search for a home. She suggested and quickly directed me to residences that met our criteria. Today, my father feels at home at the Villa du Parc 2012. The whole family is relieved and happy with this beautiful outcome just before Christmas. Ms. Laplante, Thank you!

— Pierre Joly (12/30/20)

Hello, I am 54 years old and unfortunately I am losing my autonomy. My mother is 87 years old and has dementia and cognitive losses. I contacted Marie-Helene Laplante from the Visavie organization to find a good residence for my mother and for me. I was happy to meet Marie-Hélène as a human person, attentive to people, helpful, empathetic and genuine. She found the perfect residence for my mom and me. Many thanks!!! You have my eternal gratitude. Yours truly,

— François Marceau (12/29/20)

Thank you Carmela and Lina Ali, for your good wishes and the lovely 2021 calendar. I wish you a very happy new year 2021, health for all and peace of mind. Ps: Still very happy in my home.

— Louise R. (12/23/20)

Dear Carmela,

How are you? And your family?

This year, you were unanimously elected by the members of our family: the angel of the year for us.

I have so much gratitude for you, it’s hard to express how much gratitude I have for you, for your support and friendship.

In this case, Paul André and I would like to give you a little something that we have for you. Would it be best if you left that to your work on Fleury?


— Nathalie Shamlian

Marie-Hélène, thank you for bringing me here. I’m so happy there. It is truly the paradise that has awaited me for all these years of suffering. You have been an angel come down from heaven to me.

— Gaétane G.

Human-oriented, propelled into the role of caregiver following my father’s stroke in February 2019, I called on Visavie to be accompanied throughout the process of finding a new health care environment. life meeting the needs, abilities and interests of my now 94 year old father.

Ms. Sylvie Piacente, authorized advisor at Visavie, kindly accompanied us throughout the research process. And we are infinitely grateful. My father now lives at Résidence Sainte-Rose, an RPA, a living environment full of warmth and care.

— Julie Perrotte

I cannot thank you enough for coming into our lives. You chose the perfect residence for our Mom. I hadn’t seen her that happy for a long time. I hope you know that the work you do really impacts people’s lives! Thank you for everything.

— Karen

Hello Sylvie,

It’s been almost a year since you helped us find a residence for my mother-in-law, Margaret Geekie Curtis. I wanted to thank you for your diligence in choosing the residence. Never would have thought that this choice was of such importance.

Because of the coronavirus crisis, we are much more informed about the situation of these residences, which is truly disastrous. On the other hand, I am very happy to inform you that Chateaux Dollard, where my mother-in-law lives, no resident has been infected with COVID to date.

I know that your immense help determined his choice of residence but now, we can also say that your assistance has surely given him the best possible condition of life.

I wanted to convey my sincere thanks to you and let you know that for us, your work and your dedication was really very much appreciated.

Hope this post finds you healthy and above all safe.

Thanks again..

— Daniel Durocher

Thank you for the precious services, especially from Madame Hélène and Monsieur Ahmed. They were my angels during the illness of my husband Pierre Barnes.

— France Allaire

The family and I, in particular, would like to thank your Visavie en Outaouais advisor for the help and support provided in finding a quality residence and providing good care for my aunt following her long stay in the hospital. Being the one person to deal with the whole family situation I cannot express the importance of the support given and the lightening of the burden during all these weeks. The meetings, the links and the advice made it possible to find the best place for my aunt who is pursuing a new stage in her life where she is now so happy and so well surrounded. A big thank you !

— Céline Guérin

I would like to thank you with all my heart for the help and service that my family and I have received from Visavie Montreal in particular from Mrs. Anne Hodgkinson. Last week we lost our mother, and I had to find a new home for our father. A relative had suggested Visavie to us and that is how we came into contact with Mrs. Hodgkinson, our anxieties were relieved. We found a new residence with the necessary care for my father in record time and with minimal formalities. It was a tremendous burden that was taken away from our current situation. The professionalism and dedication shown by Ms. Hodgkinson have been unparalleled to us. Allow me, on behalf of my father, to offer you my most sincere thanks.

— Claude Gascon

I highly recommend the services of Mr. Paul-Guy Vézeau (Visavie Laval, Laurentides and Lanaudière). His role is to help find THE right residence for her clients. After contacting you and targeting your needs, he will suggest a few residences and accompany you during visits, which is a major asset… Indeed. Given his expertise in the field, he will know how to ask the important questions that you may have forgotten to ask … No costs are attached to his services since it is the residence that you will have chosen according to your needs that covers his fees. Mr. Vézeau is a charming man, very attentive to his clients; we really enjoyed working with him. The residence we have chosen for our mother suits us perfectly, it meets our expectations and the needs of our mother both in the short and long term. I wish you good luck !

— Joëlle Marchildon

I live in Florida and my mom lives in Montreal. I consider myself very lucky to be able to depend on Visavie to take care of her between my visits to Montreal. My mother greatly appreciates the kindness and dedication of your colleagues who visit her regularly and the reliability of your support service allows me to be worry-free. I would like to thank your team for taking care of her dentist and oculist appointments, and especially for having accompanied her to the hospital when she had to spend the night waiting in the emergency room. ! Truly,

— Eric Graham

Je tiens à remercier votre organisme et particulièrement madame Linda Caron, en Outaouais. Son professionnalisme et son côté humain ont convaincu ma mère d’aller en résidence. Aussi, la rapidité avec laquelle vous avez trouvez une nouvelle résidence a facilité la transition de la maison vers la résidence. Je n’hésiterai pas à recommander les services de madame Linda Caron dans ce genre de situation. Ma mère a maintenant emménagée et est heureuse de son choix.

— Jean-Pierre Belisle

I am writing to convey to you my complete satisfaction with the services provided by your Visavie advisor for the Ottawa-Gatineau region, Ms. Linda Caron. Ms. Caron helped me find a residence in the Hull-Aylmer sector for my mother, aged 85 and who wanted to move to the Outaouais. Ms. Caron responded to our initial request with professionalism, speed and efficiency. She was very attentive to my mother’s needs and wants and very respectful during the interview and conversations with her, and from what I have observed, with older people in general. She was very available, responding to our messages quickly and not hesitating to work on our file in the evening. In addition, despite the short time we had to find a residence, she managed to offer us good options that met our requirements very well and supported us well in our final choice and the related procedures. She even exceeded her mandate to find us home services in a region other than her own. I really appreciated the fact that she traveled with us on residency visits and helped us negotiate this process while remaining impartial and not trying to impose her preferences. She followed up on each visit and adjusted to changes in our needs. Mrs. Caron was always smiling, pleasant, attentive towards my mother, and showed a lot of kindness and a big heart. So, I repeat, we are completely satisfied with her services and have no hesitation in highly recommending her to other people. And we wish him good luck in the future. Many thanks Linda.

— Marie-France Germain

My first contact with Ms. St-Denis was in June 2019 and she helped me find the accommodation where I currently live. The first contact was very, very pleasant and positive and his presence during my visit to the premises was reassuring, from that moment on! It is obvious that she cares about people, in my case, an elder, who are looking for residence. Once this step had been taken, and my decision taken to move in, I believed, obviously wrongly, but I could not imagine, that the role of Ms. St-Denis was over, as far as I am concerned … Two months later, she contacted me. And for me, this completely unexpected step on my part was a light at the end of a tunnel. Delicately, without any pressure, this first contact allowed me to express the experience in which I found myself and without wanting to go into details at all, she allowed me once again through her skills, her understanding and her empathy and she gave me the opportunity to find a solution to the unexpected problem I was facing. From then on, active research on her part allowed me to find another place that suited me better. We are almost at the end of this second step, but I have a deep confidence that if I found myself in a dilemma again, Ms. St-Denis (and I have a lot of concrete evidence of it) would be there to help me! Without any hesitation, I will recommend the services of Ms. St-Denis and, by extension, the company she represents (Visavie). I will not hesitate to resort to her again.

— Mme A. Bolduc

Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful service your company and representative, Heather Hyndman, provided! I had been told that the residence Mom was currently at could no longer provide sufficient care as Mom’s dementia had become worse. The only option provided was to move Mom to a temporary long-term care facility that had openings while we waited a couple of years for a spot in our choice of long-term care facilities. The temporary ones we were encouraged to send her to were not very nice and quite far from my home which would make visiting more difficult. There are a tremendous number of retirement and assisted-care residences and I was struggling to find an appropriate place for Mom and get the required information. Having been extremely busy with work, it also made it difficult to take the time to investigate all this. Our local community care group (Champlain-LHIN) recommended your company so I got in touch and immediately my stress level went down!! I cannot say enough about your rep, Heather H. Her knowledge of my area, the residences and the levels of care offered were exceptional and she was able to recommend a couple of options and confirm availability within hours. Heather was amazing!!!! Not only did she have the knowledge, but her kindness and friendly and bubbly personality made the process stress free and even pleasant. Heather was great with Mom too and had her relaxed, smiling and even enjoying our visit to the potential residence. THANK YOU! Sincerely,

— Jackie Evans and her mom, Susan Davis

I was so nervous about going to a residence and Lina Ali was there from day 1! She was never pushy, gave me all the time to make my decisions and whenever I called her, she always answered. She even came to visit me now that I am settled. I totally love my new home, I made so many friends, so I want to thank Lina with all my heart for finding me this residence. I think she is such a great asset to your company Visavie. Thank you and remain so grateful,

— Francine Oss