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Family caregivers we have supported testify to our services

At Visavie, we are known for our human approach and for the quality of our home care and residence search services.

As a testimony to this, we have testimonials from family caregivers whom we have supported in caring for their loved one.


Your advisor Karine Gauthier at Visavie works miracles. Service A1!. I have never had such exemplary service from the same in my entire life. I am going to refer Karine to everyone, because she found me a place in Saint-Jérôme for a user with difficulties, and I surprised myself to answer her: for real, do you do this kind of miracles? Do you have a magic wand? What’s your thing? The service at Visavie is beyond awesome! And then clearly, we health network workers will recommend you knowing that Visavie offers such fast, efficient and professional service. thanks again

— Alexe, Social worker (01/12/22)

Hello Mr., Mrs.,

I wanted to share with you my appreciation of Mrs. Gamache who helped my brother find accommodation a month and a half ago.

By listening, she was able to find a residence that perfectly suited his needs.

Throughout this process, we greatly appreciated her support and her humanism.

My brother is adapting well to his new environment, which he finds calm and likes to have dinner in the cafeteria of the residence.

In the future, I would call on her without hesitation to find a residence for my parents, for example.

— Johanne McDonald (17/11/22)


I had the chance to do business with counselor Catherine Dubuc for the placement of my grandmother.

I say luck, but the word is weak! Catherine has been a very valuable help and her advice has helped us move forward, more equipped and more confident.

She is a person who is always ready to answer the call, full of empathy and she knows very well what she does and says, which made us super confident in our next steps.

On top of all that, Catherine found a great place for my grandmother’s situation!

A very very big thank you!!

— Geneviève Menard (22/09/22)

Hi Lise,

My mother moved into her apartment.

Everything went well. The staff is incredible so it’s encouraging for the future.

Thank you Lise for your valuable advice and for helping us find the right residence for my mother.

— Julie and Roch (16/09/22)

Marie-Josée, Thank you for your involvement in our research. We wish you long life, health, happiness, success. Thank you

— Francine and Jean Paul (22/07/22)

Good evening Mrs. Laplante,

We apologize for not having done so before, but we would like to thank you for your help in finding a residence for my mother-in-law. Your empathetic, professional, warm and smiling support was invaluable and much appreciated during this difficult time. It is heartwarming.

Mille mercis!

— Alain and Josée (15/07/22)

Brigitte, I didn’t take the time to thank you again for your dedication and understanding. It has been a year since I placed my father at Sunrise De Dollard des Ormeaux and he has adapted well. In December 2021, he went outside through the employee door without a coat…he was looking for someone or something. Fortunately, Sunrise is well equipped for these situations and they let him in immediately. He is now on the 4th floor with the residents who need more supervision. I am very grateful to Sunrise for their good care and it is because of you too. So thank you very much and I hope everything is going well for you.

— Sylvie H. (08/07/22)

Following my experience with Catherine Dubuc‘s support, I can say that I felt supported, listened to, understood and I felt less alone in the situation with my father.

Without her, I would have given up and I would not have been able to find such a beautiful environment for my father.

Once again, thank you Catherine.

— Marie-Josée B. (30/06/22)

A message of gratitude for the help so much appreciated from Visavie and Mrs. Denise Lefebvre for her good advice and her help to direct us in our research with a lot of generosity, her availability day evening weekend. A big thank you to your organization, and a special thank you to Mrs. Denise Lefebvre for helping my sister Nicole, and for directing us to the right places with patience and kindness, Thank you.

— Pierre and Lise (23/06/22)

We were advised and guided by a representative of Visavie, Mrs. Sylvie Piacente. My father has now been living in his new “Résidence Ste-Rose de Laval” for 1 1/2 months in a “Physical” section on the 5th floor for people with a loss of autonomy. We are really satisfied with the place, and we greatly appreciated the professional service of Mrs. Piacente who was up to our expectations. Mrs. Sylvie Piacente consulted my father in his preferences and she really targeted my father’s real needs. We wanted a quiet place with services. The staff is very courteous. The food is excellent. Today, as a caregiver and only daughter, I can finally sleep in peace knowing that he is finally being cared for in a safe place. And most importantly a facility that is appropriate for his condition. I strongly recommend to all families to be guided in this very complex world that are “The Senior Residences”. Our seniors deserve the best care, and our society must absolutely take care of them. Thank you Mrs. Piacente for your support and we are most grateful. The family of Yvon Robichaud.

— Chantale R. (16/06/22)

The Visavie counsellor, Ms. Gamache, offered us a warm and helpful support that allowed us to find a residence adapted to our friend’s needs. We greatly appreciated the quality of her listening skills, the clarity of the information she provided and the answers to our questions, the organization of relevant visits, her enlightening advice and her kind encouragement to help our friend make the decision to move to an environment better suited to her needs.

A big thank you to Visavie and to Mrs. Gamache!

Thank you for your help!

— Suzanne DB (09/06/22)


We have done business with Catherine Dubuc and we wanted to tell you that we are very very satisfied and as seniors we were really in confidence, supervised and helped. She knew how to keep the fort and reassure us. She was very patient with us and we loved her as our granddaughter.

The Visavie agency can be proud that she works for them.

Thank you so much!

— Francine and Charles (03/06/22)


Having used Visavie’s services via the counsellor Marie-Hélène Laplante, I wanted to underline the professionalism, the listening, the empathy and the devotion that this lady had in the treatment of my aunt’s case. She was a great help in a pivotal period of our lives when everything changed for this old lady, and by the same token for ours.

I can’t thank her enough for her listening skills, the delicate touch of her words, the understanding she showed and especially her good mood. I never felt that I was bothering her. She always greeted me as if my phone call was the one she was expecting.

Rarely in our society, and even more so during the period of COVID, did I have the feeling that the person on the other end of the line took the time to answer my questions, my apprehensions, always looking to find the ideal place to house this aunt while respecting her wishes and taking into consideration the recommendations made by the CHUM care team.

Rest assured that Ms. Laplante truly bears the title of housing counsellor and that she has the well-being of our seniors at heart. One word describes her very well: caring.

I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone who needs a resource for a loved one.


— Michèle R. (27/05/22)

Terry Black and her team are so very friendly and helpful to meet your needs in finding the best solution for your aging loved ones. Her team has the best interest for the client at heart always. I highly recommend booking time to speak with one of the team when you are considering a move to a retirement home after all it’s FREE!

— Penny Lee P. (18/05/22)

We just recently had the most wonderfully positive experience with Lyne Richer, one of the counsellors at Visavie. She is a warm, empathic, kind and patient person, who was very attentive to our long list of wants, down to the smallest detail. She was also very accessible and responsive, and accompanied us throughout the process to find the perfect residence for our mother. She exceeded our expectations, and we are so very thankful and grateful for her immeasurable help and assistance.

— Joanne A. (06/05/22)

I was looking for a residence for my Mom who is only 66 years old and semi autonomous! It is never an easy step and there are so many things to consider! But thanks to Sylvie the process was so easy, she really takes care of finding the BEST place for your loved one. Sylvie I don’t know how to thank you, thank you for your kindness, your understanding, your sensitivity and most of all your efficiency, you took away a lot of stress from the search! I will certainly make Visavie known to all the people who could need it, you have been an indispensable help ❤

— Mélanie B. (14/04/22)

Good evening Anne,
Thanks to you, I went through an important and crucial episode of my life with serenity.
You accompanied me with patience and great expertise.
From our first contact, you inspired great confidence in me.
You softened my path allowing me to see clearly and to realize my choice.
Thank you Anne, I will not hesitate to recommend your services.
My house will be on sale next week, I will keep you informed.
With gratitude and appreciation

— Françoise B. (05/04/22)

Visavie has a great reputation among senior living search counselors. I used this company in 2015 when my parents sold the family house. The search for a new residence went well as did the move that followed.

Seven years later I am now facing my father’s loss of autonomy and I did not hesitate to call on Visavie again. I live in Ontario and I am the proxy for my father who lives in Quebec. You can understand that the geographical distance often adds stress to my responsibilities towards him. From my first call to Visavie I was referred to my counsellor, Mrs. Maryse Dulude, who knows the area where I am looking for a new home for my father. In a short period of time, she drew up a list of possibilities and organized visits. As I am recovering from cancer, my schedule is full of medical appointments and I have very little time and energy to travel to Montreal. Despite my personal constraints, she organizes everything and advises me in the choice of a new residence. Her dedication allowed me to make a good choice and move my father in record time! You have no idea how much stress she saved me. I am very grateful for her support, compassion, knowledge and professionalism. I would not hesitate to refer you to the Visavie team. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the valuable help and solutions that this organization can offer you!

— Louise C. (01/04/22)

Heather was a great help presenting the options for a new home for my family members. She quickly understood what was going to work best for them, and when the opportunity to move came, she gently and quickly help them make a decision. A huge help!

— Norman B. (25/03/22)

To Josée Boivin.

I would like to thank you very much for the precious help you have given me in the last few months.
Thank you for having listened to me.
I was going through a very complicated situation with my mother who has neuro-cognitive disorders (Alzheimer’s).
I didn’t believe that my mother would want to move to a residence adapted to her needs until you came into our lives.
Your gentle approach, your contagious energy, your determination and your smile made us feel safe.
She even agreed to visit 2 residences with you and your endless availability was greatly appreciated.
Your respect and kindness put a balm on my heart throughout this journey.
Your advice was always relevant and allowed me to make well-informed decisions.
My mother will soon be in a new environment thanks to your support.
She who did not want to move living in the same place for 52 years is now packing her boxes. Incredible !!!!!!!

A thousand thanks

— Sylvie R. (17/03/22)

Hello Denise,

I wanted to thank you for the help you gave me to find a place for my father, being alone to take care of him, your presence and your patience towards me were very much appreciated and I felt like I had a friend by my side.
I will keep you informed of my father’s progress, I am sure that his last years will be peaceful.
Your guidance was invaluable to me and I recommend Visavie’s services to anyone who feels alone in this difficult process.

Thank you again for your help.
Good days xxx

— Linda G. (11/03/22)

The tale is that the pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow.

My sister and I found the “pot of gold” when we had the good fortune to be introduced via email to Terry Black and Janet York-Lowry.

I live in BC and my sister lives in Ottawa. I was advised at the end of Nov that the apartment she resided in for ten plus years was sold and she had 90 days to vacate.

She has declined memory is 90years old and needed and required help.

We have a similar problem at home which does not give me freedom to travel.

There were many issues and details to effect a relocation and they were made possible by the extraordinary solution to everything required by Terry Black and Janet York.

These two kept me informed, called after hours and on weekends and even took my sister to her new home. They both have an amazingly cheerful can do and no problem is too big to solve attitude.

It has been a distinct pleasure to find this “pot of gold”

— Bill K. (04/03/22)

To Marie-Hélène Laplante,

I would like to thank you for your involvement in my father’s move to a residence. He will be moving into the Manoir Côte Richelieu tomorrow. What you do is really important and appreciated and you do it with tact, sensitivity but also efficiency.

— François T. (25/02/22)

To whom it may concern,

Catherine Dubuc, associate counsellor at Visavie, accompanied us in our efforts to find an intermediate resource residence that could accommodate our father. Her precious advice and her availability made our task much easier at a time when covid was complicating things.

Today, our father is safe and we are reassured.

Catherine, thank you a thousand times!

— Alain et Yves (17/02/22)



Good morning Mrs. Cossette,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the meeting yesterday with my grandparents. Before contacting you, I had carefully taken the time to read each of the counselors’ descriptions on the Visavie website. Yours captivated me because of its eloquent simplicity, the notion of “together” in the process, the active listening in the search for the needs to be met and for the word accompaniment which is an easy word to use, but more complex to do while keeping benevolence and respect for the rhythm of the person accompanied. Yesterday, this is exactly what I felt.

You took the time to listen to everything my grandparents had to say even if it didn’t always answer the initial question…I think my grandpa was very happy to have a pleasant conversation with someone who was interested in his story. Despite his jassette, I never felt impatient at any time, I always felt you were welcoming and in the moment.

That’s why I wanted to thank you, you really took the time and it’s a proof of knowledge and expertise that becomes more and more rare.

Thank you very much and have a nice day!

— Jessica (11/02/22)


We would like to acknowledge the exceptional work done by Lina Ali in identifying a suitable residence for our mother who suffered a stroke. Lina had met with her before the stroke to identify the needs. The situation obviously evolved and the needs changed and Lina was very receptive to take the case from the beginning. She visited our mother in the hospital and even participated in meetings with the specialists responsible for the file.

Lina offered us a very personalized accompaniment both with the residence and in relation to the care to be given to our mother, regardless of the Covid context.

We would like to thank her, without her we would not have been able to be so present at our mother’s bedside, she was a precious help.

— Marie-Andrée F. (27/01/22)

At the beginning of December my mother was finishing a 2 month stay at the Geriatric institute for rehabilitation after a fall. It was deemed by the institute that my mother needed more care than her previous residence offered. I was faced with the job of finding her a suitable residence. The people working at the Institute suggested Vis-a-Vie.

This was a very difficult and stressful time in my life – I had to find a place with very little time (the institute would only keep her for one more week) I had to move her belongings from one residence to another.

Stephanie filled me with confidence that this could be accomplished. We had a one on one meeting at my home. On another occasion we went to see my mother so she could meet her and have an idea of her needs and capabilities. After that Stephanie set up meetings with 3 residences in two days.

Stephanie made my job much easier at these meetings. I visited the residences with my mother and Stephanie. Stephanie had a very good rapport with the residence managers. She asked questions and kept good notes should we need the information later. She was well organized.

I think one of the qualities that I liked the most in Stephanie was her empathy. She showed that she cared about getting the best outcome. She was respectful and understanding of my mother.

I feel that Stephanie Delage is an asset to this company. She made my job so much easier and helped me select the perfect place for my mother.

— Laura M. (21/01/22)

Dear Caroline,

Thank you for your help in finding a home for mom.

We are moving her sometime at the end of this month.

It’s a lot of work in planning and preparing her for the move and I do appreciate all the help you gave in finding a home with a majority English speaking population. I think she will love it once she gets past the adjustment period as is usually the case.

It was a pleasure working with you and I will be referring you to anyone looking for a home for their loved one! In Montreal of course 😁

— Colin H. (14/01/22)

A message of gratitude for the help so much appreciated from Visavie and Mrs. Denise Lefevre for her good advice and help in directing us in our research with a lot of generosity of time very available day evening weekend. A big thank you to your organization, and a special thank you to Mrs. Denise Lefevre for helping my sister Nicole, and for guiding us to the right places with patience and kindness. Yours truly.

— Pierre & Lise (07/01/22)


I mandated Mrs. Laplante on two occasions to look for an accommodation for my mother.

I would like to underline her speed, her efficiency and her professionalism.

Her attentiveness and empathy were very much appreciated.

I will strongly recommend Mrs. Laplante.

— Guy C. (17/12/21)


After a surprise hospitalization (as many are), my mother could no longer safely live alone. Appui-Laval told me that there were VISAVIE, housing advisors.

What a precious help! The weight of this intense and emotionally difficult burden was so much lighter when we were paired with CATHERINE DUBUC: an angel who came to our rescue!

Very professional and above all empathetic, after a few questions to get an overview of our needs, she took charge of making appointments in three residences not too far from my home and of accompanying me during the visits.

Always a good listener, patient and organized, I felt I was in good hands. Mom signed her lease yesterday. 😀

What an essential service, really! Bravo and especially thank you Catherine!

Forever grateful,

— Carole G. (10/12/21)

Thank you to Sylvie Paciente who accompanied us in the search for a new home for my sister Louise who has cognitive problems and could no longer stay.

The transition went smoothly and she seems very happy in her new environment.

— Hélène F. (03/12/21)

Dear Josée,

We met at a difficult time in my life. You were an anchor for me in this storm. You didn’t hesitate to change your offer again and again as my father’s situation changed very quickly.

I never got the impression that you were annoyed by all the adjustments. You remained professional, empathetic and positive. There could not have been a better advisor for me.

At the end of this short but intense road, the journey ended with the death of my father whom you will have known only through my words.

I want to underline with this card your kindness, your humanity, your generosity.

— Anne Marie (26/11/21)