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Balancing work and the role of caregiver: our advices

Concilier le travail et le rôle de proche aidant
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Balancing work and the role of caregiver: our advices

Being a caregiver means playing a supportive role that is often essential for the well-being and health of the loved one who needs it. This support, both appreciated and so necessary, can sometimes be demanding for the caregiver. Balancing work and the role of caregiver is a balance that can be difficult to achieve. However, there is a way to continue your dedication to the person around you in need, while avoiding sacrificing your entire professional life. So here are some tips that we hope will be helpful and may guide you as a caregiver. The goal is to allow you to continue your precious commitment to your next of kin. All this without having to leave your job.

Discuss your role as a caregiver with your employer

Many family caregivers are reluctant to talk about this at work. After all, it is indeed a part of their life that is more personal. However, in order to successfully balance work and your role as a caregiver, we suggest discussing it with your employer. We believe that, in most cases, agreements are possible. Considering the importance of the caregiver role, chances are your boss will be understanding about your situation and will try to accommodate you. You will be able to discuss some possible arrangements such as:

  • be able to benefit from a flexible schedule;
  • work a little less each week;
  • have the option to work from home if possible (remote work);
  • be able to leave work more quickly when needed;
  • have the authorization to manage certain situations related to your role as a caregiver during your working hours;
  • and much more according to the specific context of each profession.

These agreements, thanks to a good discussion between you and your employer, could therefore allow you to continue your tasks at work without giving up your precious role of caregiver for your loved one.

You should know that you have certain rights as a caregiver as a caregiver. Do not hesitate to read it.

The importance of the organization to properly balance work and the role of caregiver

In order to remain efficient in your work while continuing to devote time and energy every day as a caregiver of the person who is dear to you (parent, elderly person in your family, friend, etc.), a good organization is necessary. Being well organized can prevent overwork.

Here are some tips in this regard:

  1. Good time management is essential in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed by events and the hours that always pass too quickly in a day. A diary (paper or electronic) could well be a very useful ally.
  2. Try to prioritize through the many tasks that are as much about your job as your role as a caregiver. Identifying the priority tasks in this long list will allow you to better structure your efforts and your energy.
  3. Don’t forget to take time for yourself! With all the time you devote to your loved one as a caregiver and the tasks that your professional career demands, it’s easy to forget yourself. However, being able to take time off and afford a daily leisure time helps maintain a healthy balance between work and the role of caregiver.

Knowing how to surround yourself well and ask for help

A good caregiver is of course devoted to the person around him who needs him. But we could also say that a good caregiver knows how to surround himself well and ask for help when needed. Knowing how to recognize your limits is of great importance for your own good but also for that of the person you are caring for. Despite the best will in the world, each of us has our limits and we must know how to respect ourselves. Your well-being must also remain a priority!

Share tasks with other family members or friends

As much as possible, it is important to ensure that tasks are shared between the different members of the family or those around them. This allows, for example, the elderly who need the support of a natural caregiver to stay in touch with their loved ones while receiving the help they need. For the caregiver, it is thus possible to find a better balance in his personal and professional life. It may thus be easier to achieve a balance between work and the role of caregiver.

Professional help resources

We know that reality does not always allow tasks to be distributed among several people. Several factors can explain this. Be aware, however, that there are solutions to help you as a caregiver. Professional resources exist for this. Of course, if you feel that it is in the best interest of your loved one, there are situations in which the search for a retirement home (tailor-made according to the needs of your close elder) becomes the best. solution. If so, we can help you find a suitable residence for your needs. However, there are also other options that allow your next of kin to stay at home. The various home help services then become a solution to consider! At Visavie, we can help you in your search for the best home care according to individual needs. The services offered are numerous and allow the elderly in need of care to benefit from the necessary help while staying at home!

Knowing how to ask for help and surround yourself well allows any caregiver to enjoy a little respite at certain times. The caregiver can then continue to help the person around them while having a little more time and energy for work-related tasks. The work-caregiver balance then achieves a better balance in the interest of all.

Finally, we would like to sincerely thank everyone involved as a caregiver. Your involvement really makes a difference in the lives of your loved ones!


If you’re looking for Home Care Services for yourself or a loved one, don’t hesitate to speak with one of our experts today to assist you in finding the best solution!