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At Age 95, She Chooses to Live in a Retirement Home

Adrienne Bédard aged 95, decided to go live in a seniors' retirement home.
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At age 95, she decides to move in a retirement home

This is the story a client in the Quebec City area who decided to live in a seniors’ retirement home. At the dawn of her 95 years, Adrienne Bédard chose to go back to the neighbourhood where she lived a good part of her life.

She had been living in Beauport for a few years with her daughter and after consulting with her, she made the decision to move to a retirement home in Quebec City, the city of her childhood. A decision that she considered at length.

Visavie has developed a quality relationship with the Réseau de la Santé et des Services Sociaux

Our charming client was recommended to the Visavie team in Quebec City by a nurse from the Day Center she visits. This type of reference does not fall from the sky.

Visavie has a long-standing relationship with the Réseau de la Santé et des Services Sociaux. Our client is a good example of the Visavie team’s relationships with the community and with the Quebec health network.

Retirement home; take the time to make the right choice

As usual, our client and her daughter had a few residences to visit with the Visavie team. This step is necessary and important to identify the retirement home that best suits the senior.

The director and staff of the retirement home carefully listen to his new client

The director of the retirement home pays close attention to every detail and treats the residents as he would his own parents.

The staff of the residence embodies the same philosophy, which has strengthened the choice of our client. In the end, our 95-year-old lady was delighted with her choice. She will even have access to the Internet from her own apartment.

A seniors’ residence offering reassuring services and supervision for the family

For her part, the daughter of our client was reassured by the services offered by the residence such as the possibility of having meals in the dining room. The residence also offers a safe environment and the presence of a team of nurses and resident attendants.

And do not be surprised, even at age 95, the accessibility of the internet was a key factor in the final decision of our dear lady when choosing her retirement home.

A retirement home within distance of her friends’ home and close to many stores

In the end, the residence she chose is located close to the Enfant-Jésus Hospital and CLSC Limoilou district; but at the top of her 95 years, she tells us that she is in shape and that the hospital is not for anytime soon!

As our client enjoys very good health and mobility, she will be able to use the bus because the stop is close to her residence.

What a relief for her family to know that she’s fulfilled and happy to have been re-acquainted with her neighbourhood and in a living environment that is right for her.

A new chapter begins at age 95 in a seniors’ residence

Our client moved into her new seniors’ retirement home in April. Although she has lived with her daughter for many years, she knows that she will create friendships in her new home and neighbourhood.

She even reconnected with a long-time friend who lives nearby, a few buses stops from her residence! The story of our client illustrates that even at age 95, it is possible to have projects, to reconnect with the place that is dear to us and to avoid isolation.

For our client, it marked the beginning of a new stage in life already enriched and full of memories.