Emergency placement in a seniors' residence

Home Care : Hygiene and Bathing

Getting up, going to the bathroom, brushing your teeth, getting dressed… things we do every morning without thinking. For a senior, these activities can be a real challenge without any help.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

We don’t want age and loss of independence to be an obstacle to continuing to live well at home. Visavie’s home care service will help your parent maintain their independence in simple but essential daily tasks. So if your loved one is losing his or her independence but still wants to stay at home, home care assistance for personal hygiene and grooming becomes an important service.

Our hygiene assistance services

We also know that personal care is a priority for the health, comfort, well-being and dignity of the person. Our trained professional caregivers will go the extra mile to provide quality service for the following daily tasks:

  • bathing assistance ;
  • assistance with bathing;
  • assistance with dressing
  • assistance with dressing;
  • as well as incontinence care when needed.
aide à domicile pour la toilette
Service d'aide à domicile pour la toilette

A caring and respectful help for the senior

Our professional caregivers intervene with kindness to help the elderly person with his or her toilet habits. Our home care workers respect the dignity of the elderly person, who often feels uncomfortable with this task because it involves intimacy. Hygiene rules and the person’s modesty are respected to ensure their well-being and to establish a relationship of trust.

Does your elderly relative, who lives at home, have difficulty dressing or undressing himself? Or is grooming a difficult task? Don’t hesitate to let him or her know about our assistance with hygiene, which is provided with respect for the person’s dignity. With this home support service, your loved one will certainly be grateful!

Visavie also offers the following senior home care services :