Are Visavie’s Housing Counsellors Services Really Free?

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Yes, Visavie’s Housing Counsellors services are free!

“Hello, I am helping my parents find a retirement home. I saw your ad that says that Visavie’s Housing Counsellors services are free. I am wondering: how is this possible?”
– Helen

Dear Helen, it’s true, Visavie’s Housing Counsellors services are really free! 

Of course, it is hard to believe that something is actually still free in today’s economy! Yet, the services provided by Visavie’s Housing Counsellors for Seniors are offered completely free of charge since 1988.

Finding the perfect retirement home, completely free of charge

Visavie’s Housing Counsellors services are totally free. You have nothing to fear. That’s right; you won’t have to pay anything at all! No hidden fees and no commitment. We work at your pace, while you remain in control of your decisions and absolutely nothing will be charged whether the process takes 24 hours or 6 months.

From your initial contact through visits, consultations, advice and your final choice ; All of it is free of any charge whatsoever. In fact, there is nothing magical to this situation at all. The fees and costs are covered by the entire network of private residences in Quebec and Ontario. It’s actually quite simple!

Avoiding errors with expert help

The search for the perfect retirement home is often a long and complex process. Several criteria are taken into consideration when choosing a new home such as the neighbourhood, the type of residence, the services offered as well as the surrounding environment.

By receiving help from Visavie, experts in retirement homes for almost 30 years, you can greatly decrease the risk of committing an error. A second move could only be harmful to your mother, who you ultimately trying to help.

Save time and make the right decision

With nearly 2,000 retirement homes in Quebec, choosing only one implies a deep reflection and above all, a very careful selection. It is crucial to make the right decision based on the individual needs, preferences and budget. The expertise of Visavie will allow you to make the most informed decision, completely free of charge.

Overall, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Don’t hesitate to contact us at 1.888.847.2843 or by email at

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