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Alzheimer’s disease – Episode 2: The risk of exhaustion of the caregiver with Luc Armand

Episode 2 The risk of exhaustion of the caregiver
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Alzheimer’s disease – Episode 2: The risk of exhaustion of the caregiver with Luc Armand

As the older person ages, the risk of dementia unfortunately becomes a reality. As a caregiver, taking care of a parent or a spouse becomes a difficult and often tiring task. Fatigue occurs for the caregiver when the physical and emotional pressure becomes so great that it leads to stress, discomfort and anxiety. So how do you avoid the risk of exhaustion of the caregiver ?

How to anticipate exhaustion?

It is essential to recognize the importance of the risk of fatigue in the role of caregiver. “I am often tired”, “I feel depressed” or “I feel pulled in several directions at the same time”. Here are some examples of symptoms that show you might be short of breath. These signs of exhaustion should not be taken lightly. The more symptoms you have, the more you need a big change in your life as a caregiver.

The sandwich generation

As a reminder, the sandwich generation are the people taking care not only of their children, but also of their aging parents. The risk of exhaustion of these caregivers is very high. Usually between 45 and 64 years old, they feel overwhelmed, especially if they have to balance their caring role with the needs of their family or their job. A difficult position to hold on your own and without help in the long run.

Episode 2: The risk of exhaustion of the caregiver

In this second episode with Luc Armand, specialist in the Alzheimer’s disease, we will see the impacts of the disease on the daily life of caregivers. We will also learn to recognize the different signs of exhaustion and why it may be beneficial to limit our assistance to better support the elderly. Finally, we will see the different ways to help while staying healthy.

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