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Alzheimer’s disease – Episode 1: Learn more about Alzheimer with Luc Armand

Mieux comprendre l’Alzheimer
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Alzheimer’s disease – Episode 1: Learn more about Alzheimer with Luc Armand

In the form of short videos, an expert will reveal all the facets of his profession and his relationship to seniors, all in a simple and fun tone! This week, check out our first episode: Learn more about Alzheimer.

Luc Armand, our Alzheimer expert

Luc Armand, Alzheimer specialist, will teach us over the course of the episodes to better understand the most common disease of the cognitive disorders. He was himself a family caregiver for several years with his grandmother, then his father and his stepmother, all three with Alzheimer’s disease. He has since created Soutien Alzheimer after noting the lack of support resources that specifically target family members.

Five episodes of Alzheimer’s disease

Yes! This episode is the first in a series of 5 interviews led by Louis Sirois – the CEO of Visavie. Each episode will focus on a very specific aspect of the disease:

  1. Learn more about Alzheimer;
  2. The risk of caregiver burnout;
  3. The help needs of the caregiver;
  4. Communication with an affected person;
  5. The management of unpleasant behavior of an affected person.

Understanding of the disease

In this first episode, Luc Armand will tell us about several important points concerning the disease, in particular:

  • Symptoms of Alzheimer’s;
  • The diagnosis;
  • The evolution of Alzheimer’s;
  • The medication;
  • The repercussions in everyday life

Alzheimer’s disease is increasingly prevalent around the world and affects a large majority of older people. To better understand Alzheimer’s is to have the ability to respond better to the disease.

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