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8 Types of senior living options in Ontario

If you, or an elderly loved one, is thinking about making the transition to a retirement home, the good news is that several alternatives are available to you! Throughout Ontario, you will be able to choose from many different types of seniors’ homes and other housing options. Retirement homes, assisted living, memory care communities, nursing homes or long term care facilities, senior living options in Ontario are various.

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8 Different types of senior homes in Ontario

1. Independent living for seniors in Ontario

Definition of independent living

For seniors who still have the chance to enjoy their full autonomy, independent living may be the ideal solution. This type of seniors’ homes allow elderly people to continue to enjoy their daily activities, while having the possibility to use some services that improve their well-being. 

In independent living communities, assistance services can be customized to meet the needs of each senior. Autonomous senior’s residences offer great flexibility and make sure to accommodate each resident’s reality. Those retirement homes therefore allow seniors to maintain an active but more relaxed life in a safe and pleasant environment. 

Retirement homes for independent living

All across Ontario, private retirement homes are a popular choice for retirees who are looking to continue to enjoy life to the fullest. These establishments are specially designed living environments that provide the opportunity for autonomous seniors to maintain their active lifestyle while benefiting from services adapted to their needs. 

Among the variety of services available on-demand, it is possible to ask for : 

  • housekeeping and maintenance ;
  • meal preparation ; 
  • various medical care ;
  • and even more.

Retirement homes, over Ontario, also offer the opportunity to enjoy many activities and entertainment within the retirement living communities. It is therefore possible for the residents to enjoy an active social life and even to practice some sports if desired.

The objective of these retirement homes for independent living is to make senior residents feel at home without the stress of daily life. All this, in a comfortable and safe environment.

2. Assisted living in Ontario

Assisted living retirement homes represent the perfect alternative for seniors who wish to continue to enjoy their freedom and autonomy, but still require some form of assistance on a daily basis

Services in assisted living facilities

This support can take many forms :

  • meal preparation ;
  • assistance with hygiene (bathing, dressing, etc.) ;
  • medical care ; 
  • housekeeping services ;
  • assistance with transportation and mobility ;
  • and even more, depending on the needs of each senior.

For the majority of assisted living communities, such services are typically included in the monthly rent paid. When selecting a retirement home in Ontario, it is therefore important to carefully analyze what is offered by each facility that you visit. Visavie’s housing advisors are always available to help and guide you through each step of this transition. 

Across Ontario, assisted living facilities provide an attractive compromise for seniors who have difficulties with specific daily tasks, while continuing to enjoy a lifestyle filled with their favorite activities. All this in a stress-free and hassle-free retirement living environment. 

Make the right choice between Independent Living and Assisted Living 

Choosing between an independent living residence or an assisted living senior home is not an easy decision. However, there is no bad answer in itself. To make the right choice, it is only important to rely on your real needs, or those of the elderly relative you take care of. 

If possible, we recommend that you consider all your current needs, but also try to plan for future ones also. Knowing that needs sometimes evolve quickly, it is advisable to make sure to choose the right environment in which you will be most comfortable for the years to come. 

Good news is that many retirement communities have, on the same site, both a section for autonomous seniors (Independent Living) and another for semi-autonomous seniors (Assisted Living). Such communities may therefore represent a strategic choice for some retirees.

Also, be assured that you can always count on Visavie’s experienced advisors to assist you in making this decision. Our caring advisors are available to guide you, help you identify your needs, and even plan visits to the senior homes. 

3. Memory care facilities in Ontario

For seniors living with Alzheimer’s disease, or any other form of dementia, dedicated facilities have been established across Ontario to address their specific needs. Also referred to as Specialized Dementia Care, these memory care communities provide fully adapted nursing and medical support. 

Memory care facilities have both the expertise and resources to provide a secure living environment for their residents. Elderly people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer can therefore live in such seniors’ homes in complete safety. Which is reassuring both for the person himself and for the family and caregivers.

Although the level of care and support is more extensive than in assisted living facilities, elderly who live in these senior homes can still benefit from social activities, sports and other forms of entertainment. This makes memory care communities an ideal solution for older adults with a form of dementia that affects their daily lives.

4. Nursing homes in Ontario

Nursing homes, in Ontario, refer to facilities that offer their residents a large variety of personal care services. Also referred to as long-term care homes, the focus is placed on providing good medical and nursing care, adapted to the needs of each senior. A personalized treatment plan is even made for each resident. This individual plan of care directs the work of the staff to fully accommodate the needs of all seniors. It takes into consideration various factors :

  • health and medical condition of the patient ;
  • medication ;
  • level of assistance required ;
  • daily needs ;
  • medical recommandations ;
  • and much more, depending on the personal situation of each senior.

Residents of nursing homes in Ontario typically receive three meals a day, assistance in daily activities and are constantly under supervision to ensure their security. 

Efforts are made to make them feel good and comfortable. Seniors living in long-term care homes still have the opportunity to enjoy in-home activities or even some group outings. Caregivers and family members are of course welcome for regular visits.

In order to choose the best nursing home in Ontario that will meet your needs, do not hesitate to call upon the services of the devoted Visavie advisors. They will make sure to guide you and reassure you in this important transition.

Other senior living options over Ontario

In addition to the different types of retirement homes, seniors in Ontario can also choose from a variety of additional housing options.


Aging in place with some home care services

When the health condition of the elderly person allows it, this option can be really interesting. It has the advantage of maintaining a maximum of autonomy, while also benefiting from in-home services and care. All this, staying right in the comfort of your own home, wherever you live in Ontario.


Adult Lifestyle Communities

For adults aged 55 and over, either already in their retirement years or even in pre-retirement, Adult Lifestyle Communities can be an attractive option. These communities provide an active and stimulating environment in which seniors can choose from a wide variety of activities. For young and active retirees, this can be a great housing alternative to consider.


Life Lease Housing for seniors

Among the various senior housing options in Ontario, you may also hear about life lease projects. This possibility may be appropriate for autonomous seniors who want a smaller home at a lower cost and with minimal maintenance responsibilities.

Life Lease Housing also provide a community atmosphere for the elderly people living there. Some services are often offered like social activities and entertainment.


Retirement apartment or condominium for Ontario seniors

The last option discussed here is the possibility of renting an apartment for retirees in Ontario, or even buying a condo. Obviously, this alternative involves a lot of responsibility. The senior must therefore be fully autonomous and looking for such a lifestyle.

If you’re more interested in a stress-free, worry-free retirement living, we would suggest that you instead consider the different types of senior homes available across Ontario. Whether in Ottawa, Toronto, or any other city in Ontario, your ideal retirement home is definitely just waiting for you somewhere. 

The right housing option for every senior

At Visavie, we strongly believe that every senior deserves to live in an environment that is supportive and responsive to his or her needs. It is, after all, a particularly important milestone in the life of the senior, but also of the family and close relatives. 

If you’re interested in a stress-free, worry-free retirement living, we invite you to consider the different types of senior homes available across Ontario. Whether in Ottawa, Toronto, or any other city in Ontario, your ideal retirement home is definitely just waiting for you somewhere. 

At Visavie, we want to help you find this perfect senior housing option for your personal situation. Based on your needs and criteria, we will work with you to determine the ideal living environment for you, or your elderly loved one : independent living, private retirement home, assisted living, nursing home, memory care facilities, etc. 

Our caring advisors make every effort, each and every day, to find the ideal housing option for each senior they encounter. Do not hesitate to contact them for assistance in this transition to retirement living. To answer all the questions you may have, we invite you to take advantage of our full and free 24/7 service. This is an ideal opportunity to benefit from the advice and expertise of our compassionate Visavie advisors.

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